Cost of new Kingdom Halls?

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  • Bob_NC

    One more thing! When we had a KHall build managed by the RBC in the early 1990s, someone delivered a sandblasted relief sign for the KH front.

    We never asked for it and had no idea it was coming. Bill $650 back in 1991.

  • piztjw

    Just heard of a KH that has finally rammed through approval to build an added on mirror copy. I have heard the locals talking about how it is going to cost $750,000.00 just for the fire suppression sprinkler system. Then the cost of the building will be on top of that. Of course you could make book on the fact that it will not be a modest building, or modestly furnished....gotta keep ahead of the to speak. Oh well the poor welfare R&F can eat a little less I am sure.

  • piztjw

    I remember helping one hall get its sound equipment, even the cables had to be from the official supplier, they were literally 5x the price.

    One I know of recently spent nearly $65,000.00 on a remodel. This for a KH that usually only has 35-40 in attendance, most of whom are very elderly, infirm, or in some other way living on the public dole. But the BOE can brag about how "beautiful" their KH is from one side of their mouth while begging for increased money contributions from the other. Disgraceful!

  • Bugbear

    In scandinavia I know that a number of KH.s has been built with the local congs. own assets. When the building was finished with voulontears, and all material was paid to the soc. account, these building was immideataly ovhanded free to the WTBTS. A few years later they were sold to other interests, and the cong. were robbed out of their money!!???


  • MaybeSo

    There was a meeting a few weeks ago in Denton, TX. They whent over some plans to build new kingdom halls because the need was greater and so on.

    The info was that the Borg is tyring to build 1500 new kingdom halls in the next few years at a cost of around $750k a pop. They built some 350 in the past few years and are asking for more money to complete their builds.

    How about the Borg displacing a few pennies from their recent real state sale in NY??

  • Incognito

    When there was discussion in the small town congregation where we previously were located, whether to remodel or tear down and build new, the subject of cost was discussed.

    One of the MS made a comment after hearing the exorbitant costs quoted, that "we don't need to COMPETE with the _______'s (affluent congregation)." The affluent congregation he mentioned had just completed a build of a new hall only weeks prior while many in our congregation had participated in that build. Although many R&F congregants agreed, the elders were not so 'joyful' with his comment.

    Our congregation typically had issues paying basic monthly operating expenses never mind any additional burden of a major renovation much less a new building.

    As the RBC 'recommended' that the existing building be replaced, although it was not very old (ie:< 20 years, IIRC), the controlling elders continued to push to construct a new building even though it appeared the majority of the congregation indicated a preference to renovate. In addition to some age related issues, our existing building had a style not in keeping with the single level 'cookie cutter' design that the WT later adopted. Most issues other than the design were easily correctible at moderate cost.

    A female congregate commented that 'we all like nice and new but it just isn't realistic or affordable'. One elder made the statement from the podium that it didn't matter what anyone thought or wanted, a new building was going to proceed as that is what the RBC (= WT = God) had instructed.

    In the end, a new building was constructed as per the RBC. The building is now another 'cookie' that appears virtually identical to so many others.

    I understand that the elders who had pushed for the new building, all moved away shortly thereafter. I don't know how well the congregation is paying expenses as my family and I have since parted association with that congregation and ultimately, with the religion.

  • blondie

    So can the r&f vote with their wallets/pocketbooks. There is supposed to be no tithing in the WTS. I can see they might have some control over the elders but not the others. Do they still have confidential surveys of what members can give? I would let the elders and the RBC pay for it; I would not go to that congregation and switch, finding a good reason.

  • Incognito

    Blondie, although your comment would make sense to most people, don't forget we are discussing a cult here.

    To JWs, whatever the WT says, including WT departments (ie: RBC), is equivalent to what Jehovah requires. If any are not in agreement with this "arrangement" without question, then they are not in favour with Jehovah. If they are not in Jah's favour, they may as well not attend any congregation as they will not have God's acceptance and will have no hope to survive Armageddon.

    Carrot and stick! If you can't make the effort to attempt to reach the carrot, you will get the stick as a whip across your back.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    They should parlay their 1 billion brooklyn windfall in to 2000 new kingdom halls. Roll the dice baby!

    It's not fucking rocket science!

  • MaybeSo

    Blondie, I've seen where they pass a small piece of paper where the rank and file would indicate how much they could contribute at once or monthly. They did this recently that I know of and it seems to be a consistent practice.

    I can see this being effective as the joyful brothers commit to an amount written in paper just to be reminded of their resolution if they don't cough it up later on. And if they ever decide to try to take back what they paid for...well you know what happens with their own bulding that they paid for.

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