Jamaican Branch Office Closing

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  • Blttex

    That's ironic timing. I just got back from Jamaica. I was there for my honeymoon and was wondering how many witnesses lived there. I would guess not very many, the culture seems to happy and fun loving to support a very big witness population.

  • jw07

    @Blttex: There were 11,866 publishers last time I checked. The year before was 11,838.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I know they've just expanded the Myanmar branch. It was tiny, but now it's small.

  • Hummingbird001

    Maybe the displaced workers can sell pot to tourists on the beach?

  • Gayle

    Jamaica - 2011 JW Ratio, 1 pub. to 221 population.

    2012 JW Ratio, 1 pub. to 224 population.

    JWs not keeping up with population in Jamaica.

  • daveysmithy30

    The tour brochure for Jamaica is still available to download so grab it while you can before its too late!!


    I would love to see what the letter said as to how it was explained why the branch office in Jamaica is closing down.

  • Gayle

    thanks, davey,,there were only 88 countries listed there (which lists Jamaica there yet),,2012 Service Report mentioned 96 branches??? Are those on that list considered to be branches (only states "offices")?

  • CaptainSchmideo

    jw07, do they still have the restaurant there in Montego called (if I remember correctly) The Pelican? 22 years ago, when I was there on honeymoon, we went there because it was run by Witnesses. It was a very clean place! After seeing the "Desolation Row" outside of Jack Tar Village, it was nice to find a place that looked like a Denny's, but served Jerk pork and curried goat.

    Is the local hall still on Queen Street?

    Also, there was a JW named Felix (The Cat) who gave guided tours of the island. He drove a very shiny muscle car, and he was a great guide! My wife and I thought the tour was the high point of the trip. Is he still around?

  • SophieG

    I have fond... Yes fond memories of the Branch in Kingston growing up. Many of the branch members were family friends and some came to our home.

    The JWs there are a tight loving bunch and will take of those being "put out". I'll ask around and see if anyone of my family knows the deal.

    Captain, the Pelican lives. I know the family very well.

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    I know the Pelican restaurant too...I eat there prior to catching my flights.

    Kool Jo

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