Jamaican Branch Office Closing

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    So hundreds of out of shape JWs with little job skills, who are used to being pampered, will be released into the wilds of the Jamaican employment jungle? Are there enough KFC's to withstand this onslaught??


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "I had an opportunity to speak to 2 persons who have worked / lived there yesterday. They are both shocked beyond belief :-)"

    Evidently, they haven't been paying attention. If branches like Norway, New Zealand, and all over Central America have been liquidated, how could they expect Jamaica to stay untouched?

    Maybe I've been around the layoffs long enough that I'm shocked that there are any bethelites that haven't already realized that they could get kicked to the curb at any moment.

  • jw07

    No doubt these events will be followed up by articles and talks along the subject lines of:

    "Have more faith! Jehovah will provide!"

    "Soon, the end will come!"

    "Do you have a waiting attitude?"

    "Avoid critical speech!"

    "Are you looking for treasures in this system of things, or treasures in heaven?"

    "Are you keeping up with Jehovah's chariot?"

  • jam

    jw07: YES.

  • jw07

    @Data-Dog: They can sell newspapers, or chop coconuts too. :-p

    Or maybe they can apply to the cleaning companies in charge of window washing the few high rised buildings that we have.

  • jw07

    @Jam: I think he passed away some years back :-(

  • DesirousOfChange

    Some have already begun concluding that 'the end must be really close' for them to do something like that.

    Of course, the new Warwick NY Headquarters for the GB will not be completed until January 1, 2017 (3 more years), so The End (TM) must not be really, really close. But even 3 years is really really closer than the 100+ years JWs have been waiting for it.


  • AllTimeJeff

    I wish I didn't lose my old missionary handbook, but one thing that was stated in it and they make very clear at Gilead: If you sin and get DF'd, the Borg doesn't have to pay your way back. They can kick you out of the home and into a very strange, unforgiving land on a whim.

    These days, you have to be pretty nucking futs to want to be in the "special" full time service.

  • wasblind

    Are you looking for treasures in this system ?___jw07

    LOL........Store your treasures in heaven, and look forward to eternal life on earth

    Stick wit The WTS and you'll miss out on all the goodies


  • jam

    "He passed away away some years back". Sorry to hear that. We were

    very close, just a great person.

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