The elders came by and my DA letter

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Are you stressed by all of this? Good!!

    Use that as a justifiable reason for being "unable" to meet with a JC. Just tell them what terrible emotions you are going through just now and that you couldn't discuss anything so serious just with anyone. Tell them you are close to breaking point!

    You know what they're up to - they want to get you into the Star Chamber. Don't go!!!

  • nicolaou

    A straight question Crazyguy; what's more important to you, your relationship to God and Christ or your relationship with your family. Really, I'd like to know.

  • gorgia2


    Great, sincere letter. They do not deserve the dignity of receiving such a letter, but if you are going to send it, here are a couple suggestions:

    'In retrospect' - instead of this, personalize that this is your retrospection on the WTS teachings, and perhaps put 'To my retrospect', or 'Upon reflection, I have come to the realization that ...'

    'Well gentlemen' - instead of this, perhaps put 'After much prayerful study I have come to the conclusion that ...'

    I wish you all the best and I hope so much at least one member of your family sees beyond the WTS abuse/control and remains in contact with you.


  • Zoos

    That is a great letter and I love your final line.

    Please remove me from your ranks as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, for now I am divinely called a Christian.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    I was wondering why you feel it necessary to explain anything to them. It serves no purpose other than making you feel better. If that's the reason, so be it.

  • Finkelstein

    Nice one Crazyguy

    Claiming that your a slave to Christ and not a corrupt publishing house says something of

    value and importance and puts the blame and sin onto them.

    It also establishes importance toward your own personal integrity.

    The WTS. has always been an evil lying and corrupt organization.

    A truthful and known fact.

    Thats why people such as myself and many others have left it.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    A great letter, CrazyGuy! Let me just suggest a few minor corrections:

    In the second paragraph of your letter, you wrote:

    "Jesus told Nicodemus that if one is not re-born in water and spirit then one cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven."

    You should replace "kingdom of Heaven" with "kingdom of God". The bible says "Kingdom of God". Saying "Kingdom Of Heaven" would only justify their position that only those going to heaven should partake whereas "Kingdom of God" allows for the reasoning that those they claim are of the earthly class, should also be partaking. You see, a Kingdom is not solely a government headed by a king. A kingdom is a territory governed by a king - the government AND the subjects governed.

    Additionally, in your last paragraph, in the phrase bolded, you should underline "him" instead of "through" as I take it that you're implicitly contrasting the idea of coming to Jehovah through Jesus as opposed to coming to him through an organization.

  • RayPublisher

    Standing up to the WT Power feels great... No need to even send the letter to do it! Writing can be very cathartic and that;s what matters sometimnes the most.

    Good for you.

  • Aroq

    I cannot speak from direct knowledge of being DF'd as I have never been a JW, but when the chips are down, you find out who your real friends are. Jesus has ALWAYS been my friend.

    There are a lot of views from people here that I agree with.

    "I would never give a judicial committee the honor and dignity of my time and attention. They have no authority over me and cannot require me to do anything."

    "what's more important to you, your relationship to God and Christ or your relationship with your family."

    I think your letter is great. It tells from your heart what you really think. Short and to the point.

    Along the lines of what I quoted I do not see myself giving anyone the time of effort to condemn me if I have in fact stopped believing what they tell me to.

    I also know that in the end, the very end, we are going to be judged according to what we as individuals have done, not our family, not our friends not anyone else. I alone am responsible and will be judged according to what I have done.

  • problemaddict


    I share the thoughts of many others here. Writing a letter to disassociate yourself is playing by their rules. If you don't mind me asking, why is it they are trying to have ajudicial commitee come after you? What according to your former religion have you sinned in doing that would warrant your actions?

    If your goal is to help your wife and children, this act might have the opposite affect would it not?

    These letters people send are usually only for the writer. The guys that read them usually just say "ok well.......guess we don't ened a JC anymore. Send in form ____ to the branch and bro Stickit would you like to inform the congregation this thursday? Ok next issue, do we change our gate entry code to 1914, or 607."

    Seriously man, it won't have an impact.

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