just sat at the sound cabinet postin' on an apostate website.... (whistles nonchalantly)

by Captain Blithering 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • Splash

    You need the meat, but mustn't have the two veg.

    As soon as you show some cojones then the emasculation squad will be on your case.


  • Heartofaboy

    AND...........it was YOUR FAULT you were bored!

    You know why??

    Cos' you didn't pre-study the crap............er I mean wonderful spiritual food at the proper time thank you faithful & indiscreet slave please may I kiss your ring........... before you went.

  • mrhhome

    aptian Blithering, you are my hero.

  • mrhhome

    ...and why do you need a penis to operate the sound system...what are you doing back there...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Sometimes it comes in handy when you run out of fingers and need to flick a switch, just make sure it's stiff enough to cope with all that prodding....

  • jemba

    Awesome job... love your work Captn!! Keep it up and theyll promote you to El'duh.

  • Decided

    My brother did that at the assemblies many years ago. He's DF'ed now, he chose to stay with his wife when she was DF'd for decorating for Christmas one year.

    Ken P.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    OMG. The boredom! I could never pre-study. Sometimes I felt I would have a true nervous breakdown from the boredom. All right, people. Study at home. Ask question at bottom of page. Read content of paragraph. Ask question at bottom of page. Publisher reads word for word from paragraph. Now let us read all together. The study conductor was functionally illiterate. What a way to learn utter rubbish. The talks were just as bad. The Witnesses seem to love minor characters in the Old Testament. In the end, I could not tell you what the doctrines were.

    I probably can tell you what the sisters wore. We had a cheap fashion parade. Counting the number of ceiling tiles was also instructive. The same boys had to use the men's room all the time. I wished that I would be allowed a bad bladder.

  • rebel8

    Come now. Everyone knows that extra 10% of cranial capacity stores the microphone-holding skills.

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