Here comes death again

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  • Decided

    My wife's brother died and an old friend I have known for years died also. They both were within a few years of my age. Kind of scares me.

    There were several others my wife knew died last week too.

    Ken P.

  • Pallbearer

    Something I noticed about every graveyard I've ever visited: They were chock full of dead people. Death is all around, no matter where a person goes. And if people aren't dying from illness they are killing one another. Yeah, someone will die in the next few seconds. And it just may be YOU! Watch out for the Grim Reaper for he cometh at a moment that you least expect. Then you'll be hauled off to the Undertaker. Your body fluids will be drained out. He will steal all the gold fillings you have in your teeth. You'll be put in a box that may even be too short for your body, but nobody will know. Then you'll be slowly lowered into a hole in the ground, and dirt thrown in your face. And there you will rot to pieces.




    Death is inevitable. It's hard to go from believing that you will never face death, to realizing that everyone dies. It's really sad when you see all you JW family and friends getting old and dying, one by one. Then you look in the mirror and realize that your time is coming sooner or later. It's a strange feeling. It's also liberating in a way. JWs don't really live. Everything is put on hold for a future someday. At least that's how my life has been. I never pursued any of my talents because the END was just around the corner.. I am sorry that you lost people that you care about.


  • Hortensia

    several others my wife knew died last week too

    what on earth is going on in your neck of the woods?

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Decided, I am sorry to hear your BIL died and also your old friend. That is so sad.

    Normal people have never been abused with the stupidity of the Watch Tower, that millions now living will never die.

    That is what us old timer's were taught. And I believed it until 1 year 8 months ago.

    I do not know you personally. If you were a born in or a 'recruit'. If you are a born in like me, death has been sad, but we are brainwashed by WT, that we will see them again... in paradise, when we are all 'perfect'. So the person's Memorial talk, is 5 minutes on them, the rest a WT infomercial. When I was a Watch Tower Zombie, I thought that was perfectly alright. Now that I know TTATT, I find WT full of lies, and plain disgusting using someone's funeral to spread Watch Tower propaganda.

    A human being whether young or old deserves more than an obligatory 4 or 5 minutes.

    I find life after waking up to TTATT, so much more... precious .

    I do not want to die. I do not want you to die. I do not want anyone to die.

    The WT/GB Writing Committee have 'played' with our lives, with our psyche. That is not nice. That is cruel.

    To lead and live, unfulfilling lives because the WT/GB Writing Committee, 'tells us' we 'must' put preaching WT flip flops first in our lives, is unethical.

    I hope your BIL was a 'normal' person and not a JW.

    How is your wife doing?


  • Ruby456

    I'm so sorry decided

  • gorgia2


    I am sorry about your wife's brother's death.


  • Decided

    I guess I will have to get used to all the deaths at my age. When you are young you don't see death comming at you so soon. At least it will get rid of all my problems in life, but all my fun things too. I get so confused about trying to understand how life got here and why death and sickness was made a part of it for all life forms.

    Trying to understand a God that made a Devil and all the demons as described by religions and then likes sacrifices so he can forgive the bad sin he put on all mankind because of his first human creation eating a fruit. He had his good son suffer and be killed as a way to get it all fixed. Some are going to get a new earth or new heaven just for believing this stuff. I guess I won't get it because I just can't believe all this stuff without any evidence that it's true.

    Ken P.

  • cantleave

    Sorry for your losses.

    Death is inevitable, don't dwell on it, enjoy your one and only life...............

  • unstopableravens

    sorry for your lose, its a sad and hard to deal with a death of someone. it also forces to to see life as it is. and can also makes us examime our own lives.

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