Letter I wrote to the person the caused me to be disfellowshipped

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  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    Fantastic. This is such a great example of turning the other cheek. Unfortunately, many JWs might conclude (after some initial shock) that the attempt was hard-hearted irony rather than genuine appreciation and exultation. Apostates, being tools of Satan the Deceiver, are incapable of love and Christian warmth. Or so I've heard.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Great letter Paul. The name of your site, jwfacts, says it all. Facts don't lie. It is so cool to have a place to go to to see so many of the false and wrong doctrines and other dogma of the WTBTS exposed by it's own words. Thanks for compiling all this information for the many like myself that have had serious misgivings and doubts for years and even decades. Like myself, many here are former elders, pioneers, ms's, etc. We just mindlessly "went along" like good dubbers do. As a great man once said; "Free at last, free at last, O thank God, we're free at last"!


  • jwfacts

    Post his email address here Paul , we'll ALL send him a thank you email!

    lol - I couldn't be quite that mean.

  • notjustyet

    I had one of those moment with my brother who happens to be one of the loco elders. (that was not a typo lol) A few years ago he was telling me how he had to go over the local elders heads straight to the CO to find out why he was not recommended as an elder since he qualified scriptually.

    The fact that he had to "do something" different than the "process" was a little addition to my war chest on mentally getting out the Borg. Stories he told me how he went toe to toe with the other elders and how one approvahed him and asked "XXX,.. are you ALWAYS right?" and his glib laughter to me after that was also an additional straws that helped e see that "all is not right with this group"

    So after I faded,..we have been having to deal with each other on family matters and we text mostly now and his text are coming off as "little telegrams" in length as if to say " I want to communicate with you as little as possible, you heathen" things like "Thats good. yes I will. I didn't." each line ended with a period. So I dedcided to thank him for being the one that opened my eyes and the eyes of my family to be able to research and showed my appreciation for him being the "Chink in the armor" that woke me up.


  • gorgia2



  • jookbeard

    the treacherous little snitch simply does not know what an empire he opened!

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Paul,

    great letter. I do like this point:

    "having a tremendous influence in preventing people

    contacted by Witnesses from joining the religion"

    That's the truth about web sites like yours and this one.

    Thanks for sharing it.


    JC MacHislopp

  • laverite

    Paul - I wonder if he took that letter to the elder body to tattle on what a naughty boy you've been. I bet he told on you. Again. Imagine how frustrated and angry the elders must be that they can't disfellowship you twice. Or double disfellowship you.

  • Comatose

    There is a group of people who knocked me down spiritually enough for me to see their actions were wrong and that HS was not operating. It's a few elders and their large extended families and their ass kissing friends. After being destroyed by the way they treated my family during a divorce where sides were drawn based on family loyalty and having nothing to do with right or wrong, I finally confronted my doubts.

    I am thankful that they were such buttholes, but I'll never tell them. I don't want to wake them up. I enjoy watching them throw their lives away. It's nice to see them toil and serve for nothing. Muahahahahahaaa

  • ShirleyW

    Good letter, but you know how pompous and smug they are, he'll probably share it with some Uber Dub friends and they'll all say, "isn't that sad, he just doesn't understand because he left the truth"!

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