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  • KateWild

    The Governing Body has emphasized the need for daily Bible reading and good study habits.

    Regularly reading and meditating on the Bible and Christian publications will keep our faith strong.

    I haven't read all 2 pages of comments yet. But I just had to comment on these two points. They confuse me, why?.........Because when I followed this instruction I learned TTATT, and had congnitive dissonance until I went on jwsurvey and jwfacts.

    If pioneers read the bible and the publications, they will increase in knowledge and see the publications are full of rubbish. Why would the GB encourage this? It really confuses me. WHY?...................Because it means one of two things.....

    1. The GB are all profusely dumb

    2. There are GB members who want to teach us TTATT, like Ray Franz

    I am just not buying it that the GB are all profusely dumb, they are financially loaded, and have top lawyers. They cannot imagine that bible study and reading publications, will end in more "spiritual" pioneers.

    Do you think the GB are inciduously teaching TTATT?

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    "Wow... this is a little excessive" - confused

    That is exactly my point. It's too over the top for it to be real indoctrination, it's got to be designed to get pioneers to think for themselves.

    I am just not buying it, Kate xx

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This almost doesn't seem real. . . But I trust PIXEL!

    Wild stuff.

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