Survey: Who Here Believe In God/The Bible? Who Are Not Sure? Who Do Not Believe?

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  • KateWild

    Now I just want to read it and gain my own interpretation.-rockingmom

    Good job, and if it's different form your hubby, just say it's okay if we don't have the same interpretation, I am sure God won't mind, or he would have made it clearer.

    Love Kate xx

    cofty, all us newbies know you care, I agree it's obvious

  • Xanthippe

    Ay, there's the rub, having something of substance to offer.

  • cofty

    On offer is all of reality. How can that not be enough?

  • Xanthippe

    All of reality is most certainly enough. I look forward to the day I know all of it, if ever.

  • Bob_NC

    Adding to the long list, like anyone reads this far.

    I pretty much believe what I have seen and experienced. The rest is other humans imaginations.

  • Libelle

    My beliefs are more naturalidtic bioregional pagan. That is I find value and sacredness in nature, but I don't really believe in an anthropomorphic set of deities. I'd like to but it alwats amiunts to what the culture who created it thought of thier experience of the world at their time. Best I can say is that the divine is more abstract than the bearded white guy in the sky.

  • transhuman68

    I believe I'll have another cup of coffee. That's the limit of my belief. It is a complex issue- why belief in God is so persistent- but all I can say is 'give it up.'

    Like a deadbeat dad, 'God' is not worth waiting for...

  • smiddy

    I am absolutely certain in my mind that the God of the bible does not exist. Nor does any other religion with their holy writings sway me to beleive in a God .

    I am an unbeleiver .



    So we have JW apologists, god apologists, Christian apologists and atheism apologists. All the same.. I am starting to get sick and tired of this forum lately. More of war among members than helpful

  • mrhhome

    (1) I believe in a God that is beyond comprehension. The universe is infinite, and we are finite. Consequently, we can only comprehend God and his universe symbolically.

    (2) The Bible is a collection of stories about our relationship with God and each other. While it may have been written by man, it has plenty of wisdom and real spiritual power. It is not intended to be a history or science text.

    (3) Given (1), anyone who attempts to take a literal view of the Bible or insist on a narrow and strict interpretation of doctrine will get themselves and anyone listening to them wrapped around the axle.

    (4) When I was younger, I used to think that mystics were a bunch of dangerous freaks who strayed from scripture. With age, I realize that they may be some of the only ones really seeking God. [Take note that I did not say doing God's work.]

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