'Anointeds' Do you know any and if so what are they like ?

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  • notoneoftheboys
    Of the few I have known not one ever measured up as a Christian. Over a 40 year period attending the memorial I met more than a few. Those who claimed to be of the anointed were often very self righteous, double standards, and generally nasty people. Often they would make demands on the timid elders with harsh words and actions. Some seemed to feel they deserved the front seats and best places at assemblies. They also were given to be alpha/male/female in personality. When I was studying the truth book I was told the anointed were god fearing highly respected and humble. Never once met one that was. Sad day for another lie I was told
  • Stealth

    Known several. One middle aged sister married with children. I asked her once how it came about that she was annointed. She said that she always had an internal feeling that she was. She prayed to Jehovah to give her a sign if she really was of the annointed.

    One day she drops her bible on the floor and it lay open to the very page that talks about anointed ones. That was her sign.


    Growing up there was a sister that professed to be anointed and she was as nice as could be, very friendly, kind, normal.

    Fast forward to now... the one person professing to be anointed that I know is, as was already mentioned weird. Just plain odd. Nasty sometimes to people, know-it-all, pompous. ugh what an idiot.

  • CloseTheDoor

    There was one I knew who was DF'd because of hiding information for more than 12 years. His spouse, also a Witness at the time, was a well paid secretary for a church two towns over. He kept this a secret for years until someone spotted her in a parking lot. Both were DF'd.

    An elder on the judicial committee told me that she flat out refused to give up the job because the money was too good and she needed to support the family since her anointed husband did not have a job. His duties with the Org. were too demanding, and otherwise the family would be destitute. Both drove very nice cars and seemed to have a new one every year.

  • CloseTheDoor

    One day she drops her bible on the floor and it lay open to the very page that talks about anointed ones. That was her sign.

    Stealth, isn't that akin to bibliomancy?

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    This is great am learning a lot ! These were things I was afraid to ask before on account of being too timid. Finally standing up for myself thanks to as friend.

    COC I can't believe your in your early nineties ! I figured you were in younger than I from reading your posts.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    In the 80's we had one in our congregation. He was in his early 40's, and there were many in the congregation that doubted him. He is still claiming to be part of the anointed and is in his mid 70's.

    I was good friends with his son, and with his family. He never held a job, but was a "pioneer". His wife worked full-time as an RN on third shift. She also did all the cleaning and cooking. He would sit in "his" chair most of the day either watching TV or on the computer. He eventually got a job in his late 50's for a few years. He also was an Elder for about two years or so, before being removed. He would blabber confidential information to his wife and family.

  • notsurewheretogo

    To quote the WT Brother Jeremy, if you know a barrel of water contains ONE drop of poison would you drink from it?

    So why are you engaging in the preaching work and still an "active" WT if you know it's all wrong...you say you trust in Jehovah and Christ but if you have come to the conclusion that Jehovah/Christ do NOT trust the WT then what on earth are you doing?

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    I have known of three loonies in the Spanish congs that claim to be anointed, but all that deal with them know they are just 'nutty'. Funny characters they are.


  • ShirleyW

    In all four pages here most of the posts are saying that the "chosen ones" belong in a rubber room and/or jail cell.

    Interesting how they still believe that the anointed receive a sign from almighty Jah, kinda sounds like the women that have killed their own children, but say the God spoke to them and told them to do that

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