'Anointeds' Do you know any and if so what are they like ?

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  • Mephis

    I've known a handful - all women. One lady was what the JWs would call 'spiritual'. She felt demons, reckoned she had her own personal angel bodyguard, would use her stick to hit me or smash a toy if she felt I wasn't being 'spiritual' playing in her presence. Another of that age was really sweet, really quiet and really unassuming. Couple of others from a few decades later were real hard-bitten single women. Pioneered for years, took no nonsense, and would stare down COs who confused conscience matters with doctrine. Those all had died by the early 90s. A lady who discovered that she was annointed in the mid-90s, after a few decades of being a JW was a real piece of work. Once she claimed to be annointed, she started to make the nastiest comments to people and expect them to give her extra special treatment. I was in my late teens and we clashed a lot. People are people really, so mixed bag in spite of them doing the wine and crackers night every year.

  • hardtobeme
    I was 28 when I started partaking. Everyone would look at me weird. Everyone would criticize me cause I was too young back then. Even one elder said that I couldn't be one of the anointed because of the way I partook my 4th time. I passed the emblems around then I sat in front when we were sat at the beginning. Then the speaker passed the emblem to us. I took a little piece of the cracker and ate it. The elder said that because I only took one little piece I couldn't be an anointed. He said that he was an expert, a know it all about the anointed. Now a take a big piece and I don't care who sees me. ( I don't wanna stumble anyone for taking a small piece)... lol...
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    As a young man I knew several. My mother always wanted me associating with the creme of the crop. But because of my youth I am sure I didn't get the real person. A couple I knew and felt were good people in and out.

    My first experience witht he nuttier side of these people is when in a hall I was visiting a woman gave me strict counsel to break up with my black girlfriend so that our being out in the ministry together would not detract from the message. that she was anointed and I should listen to her.

    My girlfriend was fine, and a great person (still a JW), so I passed on her racist advise. But yeah.....that was an eye opener.

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten

    I've know 3 in the '90's. The first was an extremely elderly gentleman who was still pioneering at 100 years of age. Very active, very sweet, spiritual, humble, sincere, and mentally there. The second was also an elderly man. He was in a wheelchair but was all there mentally. He was always willing to take the time to listen to anyone that needed grandfather's advice. Although he could be a bit feisty. The third was a woman with children and grandchildren in...pioneered well into her 70's. She was outspoken, and had no problem speaking up if she felt you needed to hear what she had to say.

    What all three had in common was their humility and they all refrained from telling anyone they were anointed. Where I asked the sister about it, she explained that she was no better or moreprivileged than anyone else, her hope was just different. She couldn't explain how she knew, other than when she thought of paradise, she didn't see herself in an earthlike place. So nothing weird or crazy..

  • Brother Jeramy
    Brother Jeramy

    truthseeker 100, you asked . . .

    Brother Jeramy you said on another post that you are still an active witness. Do you still go in field service? And if you do aren't you afraid of indoctrinating others with certain aspects of the JW religion that you don't agree with? I ask respectively?

    Yes, I still engage in the preaching work. As for being afraid of "indoctrinating others with certain aspects of the JW religion," I would say no. For starters, I trust Jehovah and Christ, and the guidance of the holy spirit. Also, I keep my method of witnessing and sharing the Good News very simple. I do not offer literature that advances the doctrines of the Watchtower Society, however when moments arise where literature offerings cannot be avoided I make sure to quickly return to Scripture after showing a householder any literature, at which point I always point out the passages that encourage readers to "test the inspired statements" and "examine the Scriptures" carefully to make sure that what they are hearing from us is true. In all of this, I make sure to always tell the Good News of God's Kingdom.

  • TheFadingAlbatros
    All the "anointed" ones, males and females, that I have had the opportunity to know in various congregations in Europe and in Asia during four decades had all this in common : they were suffering from emotional and behavioral disorders. I cannot remember of just one out of ten "anointed " ones being mentally balanced.
  • Bonsai
    I knew a nice humble old anointed one who liked gardening and nature. She didn't seem to be very zealous about the field service, though. I wouldn't mind if she ruled in heaven. I got along well with her and I can use all the friends upstairs that I can get!
  • CloseTheDoor
    I have known a few in my lifetime. All regular people. Many in my cong. partake at home in private with their families. When I was a child, everyone partook of the emblems, but that was until things changed.
  • hoser

    I know two very well. I think one started partaking strictly for the reason of status. He is a loser in real life and for some reason isn't allowed to be a ministerial servant or elder.

    The other is an older lady who started partaking a few years ago. She seems normal.

  • WingCommander

    The Annointed in my Hall growing up was a real winner. Spoke with odd, deliberate mannerisms, & was apparently called up after his Uncle became an Apostate. He married a woman from NYC, had 5 kids. He perpetually worked crap jobs, and being that he was an Elder he had zero time for his family. His 3 daughters all left in their teens. His oldest child, a son, became a pedophile who was caught distributing hardcore child porn on the internet and is now serving 25 years in a state pen. This was after he beat a 2-yr old child nearly to death when he was 20 in 1995.

    The wife left the anointed ElDuh, and he remarried some busy-body pioneer witch at his new congregation. Truly, a Prince among men and a complete idiot who ruined his entire family by slaving away for the cult 24/7/365. How happifying!

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