first T-day dinner this year

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi again, Hortensia:

    I was away on a cyber edit and returned to find you here!

    I live on Writers' Row and am personal editor to many. The lady in question wrote for various Bay Area newspapers as well as writing text manuals. I have edited her poetry -- a very subjective and delicate affair -- and am currently working on her lengthy fantasy novel. Will contact you later with details; it's a fascinating tale, given the element of translation into standard English!



  • Hortensia

    Makes me think of when I used to read novel proposals for a literary agent. She'd give me a stack of manuscripts and tell me not to read more than one chapter of each, just give her a yes or no on whether it was readable. Mostly no, but I did read a couple of good novel manuscripts and gave her an enthusiastic recommendation. I don't think they were ever published, though.

    The internet has done so much to make those unknown manuscripts available to the world. Self-publishing is such a great thing.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Hortensia, for that interesting story.

    Yes, self-publishing is a gateway to the literary world for us Average Joes; however, my experience has been that "A.J" is anxious to get his work before the public and feels it enough to have his wife proofread for him. No disparagement intended re wifey's abilities, but editing -- as you well know -- is more than correcting a misspelled word or two . . . I'm combing through an already published tome (wonderful story) and hoping to correct all the errors before the second publishing occurs!

    Good seeing you!


    BTW: I'll fight to have dessert first!!!

  • lisavegas420

    I work for an attorney that is the guardian of many elderly people that can no longer handle their finances and/or take care of themselves without help and don't have family that can or will help. Sometimes that's how he becomes their guardian is because the people in their lives are taking advantage of them and someone reports them and he is court appointed as their guardian.

    Some of these Wards live in assisted living or senior communities and will call me though out the day just to chat because they have no one in their lives to talk to. It might be about a piece of mail they got or something they saw on TV.

    Get togethers like you went to give them something to do and talk about. I think most of the time the dinners are from donations and just out of kindness.

    I'm glad you went, and I enjoyed your story thank you for sharing. Pictures would have been fun.

  • Hortensia

    Sorry I didn't take any pictures! I think that you're right about the motive for the dinner - many of the people here have no family nearby. It was nice, and a good dinner, too.

  • crmsicl

    I enjoy all your contributions to this forum. Your observations, musings and sass are always entertaining.

  • Hortensia

    Thanks Crmsicl -- glad to know I'm sassy

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    I can't say that I've ever had more than one Thanksgiving dinner per year... I feel like such an underachiever now!

    Thanks for the entertaining story. I love sing-alongs!

  • Hortensia

    You have to get into training! I've been doing 1700 calories/day for weeks now. Some days as low as 1400 calories. I plan to eat my several t-day dinners and not gain a pound!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    sometimes there are jalapeno eating contests, pies, chicken wings or hot dogs but maybe a thanksgiving dinner scavenger hunt

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