first T-day dinner this year

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  • Hortensia

    I live in a seniors-only apartment complex. Management has a tendency to patronize us, which is interesting and rather entertaining. Today we had our annual T-day dinner for the seniors, catered by a local church. Everyone who lives here was invited, so I went. Keeping in mind that we're all adults and most of us know how to behave, I got a lot of entertainment out of the control freaks who were there. First we had to sit at our places and listen to a little introduction by the minister. No prayer, I'm glad to say. Then one table at a time was allowed to get in line for the buffet. It was like adults herding children, and some of the old folks got a little pissed off about it! I do think they didn't need to be so controlling about it -- we're all too old to stampede anyway. One gal decided she'd start with dessert since she was having to wait so long for dinner. She was told she couldn't have dessert and sent grumbling back to our table. Meanwhile the property manager went around taking photos of everyone, which irritated another person at our table who felt that the manager should ask permission before taking photos. I kind of agreed, but felt it wasn't important.

    The food was good, some strange combinations of cranberry sauce including one that was hot from fresh ginger. I liked that one best, although I'm quite fond of the stuff in the can, too. I enjoyed the dinner, especially since I did NOT want to cook a turkey this year. I think I'm done with cooking turkeys. It's good, but it hangs around in the frig far too long, and frankly, whatever you do to turkey it still tastes like turkey.

    The noise was so loud I couldn't hear my neighbors at my table talking, and two adorable little old ladies were playing the piano and harp to add to the din. It became very warm with so many people in the room and all the hot dishes, but no one would open the door to let in a little air. I looked at desserts but didn't eat any. You know how at buffets people like to pick a little of this and a little of that and try out several things. Well, the dessert matron wouldn't let anyone have any more than one piece of dessert! That made folks grumble too. Eventually she gave in and let people pick what they wanted and put little dibs and dabs of this and that on their plates.

    After dinner someone started singing, "When the Saints Come Marching In." Lots of folks sang along. This guy knows tons of old songs, what he thinks of as amusing songs like "Purple People Eater" and so on. I asked him about Tom Lehrer and he started singing "Vatican Rag," which is one of my favorites. Then he sang "Pollution" and the one that starts "goodbye mom, I'm off to drop the bomb." That was kind of fun as there were a few of us who know the words to lots of Tom Lehrer songs.

    Then, as there was too much food, we all got take-home boxes, so I won't have to cook tomorrow either.

    I did feel a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. I couldn't really get whether it was just kindness or was it charity from the church people. If charity, well, no one there was in danger of starving and the food could have been given to much needier people. If it is just kindness, well, that is very nice and I did enjoy the meal. It's awkward sometimes because people assume, since we live in a seniors-only complex, that somehow we are needy and helpless. It isn't the old folks' home, just a place where old folks live.

    Next week, the community T-day meal in the park. Everyone in town is invited and it lasts all afternoon. I've lived here three years and haven't tried out the community T-day yet, so decided I would this year. I think it's a charming idea. It's free, but I sent a donation as I know they need $$$ to buy the turkeys and all the other stuff. I like the idea of everyone sitting side-by-side and eating a celebration meal -- families and single people and homeless and poor and rich all together.

    I may get a third T-day dinner, as one of my friends will be cooking early because her children will be in town for a few days before T-day but will be off to have the real T-day with their in-laws. However I won't reach the record of one guy I know, who last year ate five T-day dinners, four of them on T-day itself!

  • cofty

    I hate to hear older people being patronised.

    Certain professions tend to attract patronising people. For once I'm saying no more to try to avoid causing offense - it must be the scotch making me feel chilled out!

    Glad you had a decent dinner though. I agree turkey is overrated.

  • Hortensia

    Thanks cofty - mostly it just makes me laugh but some of these folks around here do get pretty irritated when treated like children.

    Enjoy your scotch! I used to drink scotch, back when I drank, loved it. And it's all natural! Must be good for you, eh?

  • cofty

    Glenfiddich 12 year old single malt, no ice or water.

    Nectar of the gods.

  • Etude

    Hortensia: That story is a hoot. Have you ever thought about writing essays of your experiences? You can start a blog for that. Create one each month or however often you choose. It would be fun to read them.

  • Hortensia

    Hi Etude -- I'd rather just tell a story or two on JWN now and then. I used to write for a living and this is more fun and less responsibility. If I had a blog, I'd feel guilty about not keeping it up. Wait a minute -- I do have a blog! I forgot all about it.

  • zeb

    great story thanks.

    as an Aussie what is the origins of the Thanksgiving day, just wondered.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Love your story, Hortensia!

    Having T-dinner with a local author. She says her children can't wait to meet her editor?!?!?

    We'll see. I'll save you a wing . . .


  • Hortensia

    Mmm, glenfiddich, personally I used to like to lick chivas regal off ice cubes. Years ago I went to dinner at a Korean friend's house. Someone had given her a case of Chivas Regal for Christmas. She didn't drink and asked me if it was any good. I said yes, of course. She poured me a large glassful of it, neat, and every time I sipped a little of it, she topped off the glass with more. I don't think she had ever drunk any liquor in her life, so she didn't have a clue. And I liked it, so I didn't want to turn it down. Ummm, good thing I had a friend with me who could drive.

    That was the night she served us some really fabulous Korean food, and lots of little side dishes, all kim chee or garlic. Garlic in oil, fried garlic, garlic in honey, kim chee loaded with garlic, garlic sprouts, I can't even remember all the kinds of garlic dishes.

    We had a good friendship for a long time until I figured out what it meant when she said her brother in Korea was in "pharmaceuticals." Naive me, not long out of the Jdubs, I thought he had a medical company of some sort. I knew he was quite rich, and so was she, but it took a long time for the penny to drop. When I finally did figure it out, I was moving out of town anyway, so I just lost contact with her.

  • Hortensia

    Compound Complex - I think we posted at the same time. Dinner with a local author sounds fun. What does she write?

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