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    True Onthewayout. But the Watchtower does not mention the main one: Faking time.

    I highly disagree. They said to report by asking yourself those questions:

    Blondie's WT quote: When some question arises, ask yourself: Has this time been spent in the preaching activity? Or has it been spent doing something else that is not actually part of that work? Report all the time you conscientiously feel was used in the preaching work.

    So, they are suggesting honest tabulating. That's a way of saying "STOP FAKING." Are they going to come out and say "STOP FAKING YOUR REPORTS" ? NO. They don't want to suggest such a thing in a mind control cult where everyone who does that might feel they are the only ones doing it. But that "Or has it been spent doing something else..." part is addressing the faking part.

    As Faithful Witness says above, they want every minute for a grand total. They actually do not want much productivity anymore, because literature placement is costing them money. So I bet they won't even offer a new article similar to the quoted ones.

  • Elijehovah

    I dont think there should be rules on counting time at all, but instead there should be warnings. Jesus didnt make rules, he gave warnings. Love does not say "Collect hours-of-time like you do money". An example of warning is "What love will you develop for others, if it's the time you seek to count, so you can say youre doing, what youre not, (in effort to love and save people)". NOW the major question is about liars. If reporting a crime against you, of a graphic serious nature, (an attack to destroy, to hate, to kill, to rape), are you warned, that speaking about it, will punish you as a slanderer, while lying about hours of teaching and preaching is not an excommunicating offence? Indeed if petty lies are punished to show that people can sort and shun in pettiness, the question rises about serious things slipping thru, first a few, then many, and then outright denial (the world rapes, but we do not). Odd but i recall a man cutting a woman up as a message that Israel had come and raped her to death. So do we disfellowship the man who cut her up and mailed her out to the 12 elders of the 12 tribes? Sad, very sad. It is claimed Christendom makes people permanently worthy of GeHenna (unrepentant ending in the trash) and yet anyone leaving WatchTowerdom is not seen as meek ones stumbled but rather evil ones who put themselves in GeHenna, because it is impossible for the WatchTower to do such. Well i would like to draw your attention to any picture of the holy temple and note that the wall around the whole temple, and also the wall around the whole city and its people go around the temple and the city and squeeze right between the watchtower leaving it outside the city. In fact it was from the watchtower that the jews shot (arrows) and killed Romans before any Roman returned fire. Doesnt sound like the Jewish watchtower was free of guilt, and you had to go thru the temple to get into the watchtower. GUILTY !

  • steve2

    Oh Onthe Way out, it looks like I may not have expressed my view on this explicitly enough so I will take this opportunity to do so.

    Yes, you are correct: the literature will wisely ask each one to reflect upon how well they are using time in field service - no argument. And the subtext is, some are not using their time well - but there is no clear message against deliberate mis-reporting.

    In other words, the publications have never said anything along the lines of, "There are reports of some brothers and sisters reporting more time than they have actually spent in field service and, it is disturbing to note that a few have even fabricated their end of month reports."

    You won't see that level of reporting ever - yet, from many witnesses own personal experiences or "inside" information, deliberate fabrication of fiedl service is a far more common experience than the Watchtower would like everyone to believe. It is that level of straight-up honesty of reporting that you won't see in the publications - again, because it'd be a can worms.

  • Shador

    .... I wonder how long before someone notices that I am putting in 25-30 hours a month but am never seen at the beatings for field circus?

  • Jen1

    Pioneer couple in our congregation put a leaflet through someones door on the way to meet the group so they can start to count time, drive for 20 minutes, meet group, make a phone call in car park which means for them at least they count time straight through,they have been doing this for years. And then most days they sit all day behind the new carts with literature on. Now thats a job they do not want to give up on and they get quite nasty if others would like to have a go! They only want to sit on cart outside KH because they can make coffee all day and eat free cake left in hall. All the pioneers in our hall count coffee breaks no matter how long! One sister writes up all her good talks of the morning while eating her lunch for an hour and counts through.

    Others sit all day no matter what the weather on benches near to the carts around town.

    If you pioneer and you put a leaflet through a door at 8am write up some notes in the car, meet the group, make a call in the car park. Sit behind cart all day/or actually knock on doors for an hour, then coffee break, count through, lunch, count through, afternoon maybe rvs visiting friends. Finally leaflet through door of neighbour HOME Thats a 8am start and a 5pm finish 9 hours of field service.

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