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  • dogon

    No one I ever went out in service with ever followed those rules. We would drive 15 miles to some coffee shop and sit and get warm in winter then go to a RV and waste the day. I even knew a few who did not even go out but put down time. Its a joke. The org is a joke and no one follows the ruls, its like Yatzie every group plays it different.

  • ballistic

    An elder whose passed away some time ago said to me,"don't count time, make your time count". But he didn't mean make valuable time count. He meant, say a prayer at 8.45 am and hand leaflets out on the way to the serice group, and count time right through the meeting and service, making an extra hour and a half by the time you're finished. Fantastic when you think about it. ;)

  • Godsendconspirator

    I remember when I first became a publisher and I told the elder that I started my time when I walked into the apartment building and he "corrected" me and said I can start my time when the meeting for field service ends.

    Another time I was with a brother and I didn't particularly wanted to do street work and I was honest about it. I told him repeatedly that we should head to our assigned location. He asked me how time I had so far (which wasn't much). Then he asked "well, do you want to get more time?" to which I replied yes. Then he said , "well take out your magazines then! You don't have to talk to anybody"

    All that stuff threw me for a loop.

  • zeb

    I have been with a car group that covered 200miles + made two calls and came back. So 5 people log 6 hours each = 30 hours.. rubbish.

    "But we have to get our hours in". how often did i hear that.

    I prefer to 'log' in my heart the random acts of kindness i do.

  • zeb
  • rebel8

    We had a CO who radically changed things. We had been going by that 74 rag.

    He said jehoopla is a much more loving boss than worldly bosses who only pay you for morning break and not for lunch. Therefore you should count your time during lunch and as many breaks as you want. Plus, your time starts when you walk in the kh for the service meeting, and includes travel time to and from the territory.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder how many "publishers" have their whole slip turned in fake. Usually when they are trying to log a "new peak", hounders will sometimes turn in fake time slips on behalf of those who did nothing. And, how much of it is coercion when people do turn out for field circus? Some of that is about status, or threatening that if they do not go out on a certain morning, they will get some kind of punishment. Children are often victims of this, being dragged out by parents.

  • prologos

    Counting time de-humanises worship/ service, like the counting & accounting of harvested fore skins by the WT hero David.

    Whathappened is right about dating.

    What a great deal for a bed-starved male to be able to spend time in close company of an alpha, even beta female , who would never agree to go out with him

    in normal circumstances.

    counting time is an abnormality.

    these acts are the f-acts.

    Counting time is the opposite of tax paying.

    You minimize your taxes* but maximize your time count.

    *legally of course, lest thor smite you, using the volumes of tax-code-excemptions.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Interesting article on following your conscience when counting time. When I was in I did and did not see it fitting to count the time I spent studying with my children, as I saw that as my parental duty. However, this lead to me always handing in 8-9 hours of actual FS. The elders and CO spoke with me and said they could not appoint me, as I was not hitting the 10 hours required. When they found out I did not report my family study, they told me I should do this as if I did this for six months they could appoint me. I told them my rationale for not reporting it, and was told "then we cannot appoint you".

    On hindsite I am glad they didn't, otherwise it would have made my fade (soon thereafter) more difficult.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    Years ago when I was pioneering, I got so sick and tired of hearing this older pioneer sister and my pioneering mother complaining about other pioneers and how they counted their time, that I decided to teach them a subtle lesson. At the time I was the school overseer and brought my stop watch with me in service with them. I kept visibly pulling it out, starting it and stopping it in between doors, at break, while the two of them went on a call, etc. Near the end of the day, that couldn't resist asking what I was doing. So I said, I was moved by their insistence on accuracy and decided I should honor the "grand timekeeper" by being as accurate as possible with my time. We were out from 9am to 4pm andby the end of the day iI had only recorded 3 hrs and 43 minutes. They backed up and began teltelling me that surely I could count more than that, Jehovah doesn't have a stop watch, etc. Lesson learned, I didn't hear that conversation again.

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