Planning your RETIREMENT. Can anyone remember Watch Tower encouraging, in anyway, it's members to plan ahead for this eventual reality?

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  • tiki

    The general stance was always to seek first the Kingdom and all these things will magically be conferred on you. Food, clothing, shelter, father died with absolutely no insurances whatsoever - if he hadn't have served in WWII who knows what money would have buried him (hah - mine,yeah) mother was left with a scrimy soc sec check monthly and a pittance of a pension from the company he worked for for years. she's in long-term care now at 93 - dementia.....destitute, but in a safe place. We were always having it banged into our heads that the end was so imminent - why slave for a system that is going down in ashes.....and the world is passing away - do the wll of God and live forever.......totally unrealistic approach to life. I'm glad I broke free at long last...............

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Growing mushrooms for extra money??? I just couldn't get past that suggestion without howling. Does that hobby need a lot of pig*$%*?

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