Planning your RETIREMENT. Can anyone remember Watch Tower encouraging, in anyway, it's members to plan ahead for this eventual reality?

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I cannot think of ONE article written for Jehovah's Witnesses that deals with this important issue.


    The Governing Body makes sure everyone looks after the GB's needs. The GB will be moving to their new Lakeside Estate in 3 years.

    What about everyone else below the 8 GB and their wives???

    People regularly live into their 70's and 80's.

    I was told as a young girl, from the platform at Circuit Assemblies, District Conventions, Public talks, The Watchtower and all the other WT publications, that The Big "A" was right around the corner. This kept me in perpetual fear. Also, I was told, it was my duty as a baptized JW to put the GB's Kingdom interests first.

    The WT followers were to give their money, time and lives to 'Mother'.

    Now in 2013, most all the adults I knew in the 1950's are dead. Many put their lives on hold for 'Mother'.

    Some planned, on their own, for retirement, and were able to enjoy their 'golden years'. Others, not a happy story.

    Since the Watch Tower Organization likes to micro manage it's 7 1/2 million members, where are the articles to help their 'people' plan better lives?

    Any 'Estate Planning" is ONLY written with the view of taking money, property and sellable assets from its members.

    Have you read any Watch Tower literature that encourages YOU to plan for your retirement?


  • Simon

    Generally, the more you followed the WT direction, the more screwed your life was.

  • prologos

    In their "contributing to US" literature their is outlined an investment scheme where you can roll your retirement funds onto the WT accountants, a tax - free anuity of sorts. It might also take care of the estate after/when you start passively waiting for the resurrection.

    Wt wants you to save for your retirement, so they can harvest it before and after you are gone for good,

    their good.

  • paladin

    I have never read any WT$ article that encouraged planning for retirement. After the 1975 flop I decide to take on my own retirement portfolio and same with my wife. The WT$ only wants your money but have no interest in your financial security.

  • sspo

    They are concerned about your retirement or even more so your death and to make sure you remember them in your will.

  • blondie

    They encourage older jws to retire and pioneer.............

    My mother planned for her retirement despite being discouraged by some.

    I find that many non-jws don't plan for retirement for different reasons.

  • dissonance_resolved

    This quote was in my notes from the last DC: "Preparing for the future by saving a lot of money is demonic propaganda.". Those 401Ks are so satanic they should be called 666Ks.

  • blondie

    Today, many Christians in their 50’s and older find that their circumstances have changed and that they are able to serve Jehovah in new ways. Some have moved to where the need is greater. For example, Robert writes: “My wife and I were in our mid-50’s when we realized what opportunities lay before us. Our only son had left home, we no longer had aging parents needing care, and we had received a small inheritance. I calculated that the sale of our house would suffice to pay off the mortgage and provide for us until I received income from my retirement pension. We heard that in Bolivia the number of people accepting Bible studies is high but the cost of living is low. So we decided to move. Adapting to our new home was not easy. Everything was so different from what we were accustomed to in North America. But our efforts were well rewarded.”

  • jgnat

    Those bolivian missionaries better pray they don't live in to their nineties.

  • prologos

    blondie can you track down the retirement financing schemes in the "contribution brochure", literature. it is in print that

    you can plan for your retirement using a WT retirement saving fund of sorts.

    with the power of prayer, we could get rid of the word "overlapping" in the spelling of "generation"

    glad to know that the GB/FADS will retire Before Armageddon.

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