Planning your RETIREMENT. Can anyone remember Watch Tower encouraging, in anyway, it's members to plan ahead for this eventual reality?

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    I am 40. I have zero retirement. I had a 401K, but we cashed it out and simplified our lives... I am screwed. I do have a decent job and I pay out on a really good life insurance policy for my family. Best case scenario for them is that we get out of the WTBTS, and I get hit by a bus. Then at least my family will be taken care of.

    Can you stipulate that none of you life insurance policy goes to the WTBTS? I would be pissed if my wife started donating like crazy after I die...

  • leaving_quietly

    w75 11/8 p. 18 - article entitled "How to Make Retirement Rewarding"

    This is the only article on planning for retirement that doesn't say preach, preach, preach every other word. It's actually somewhat practical. Dated, but practical. Here's the subheading on Planning Financially.

    Planning Financially

    Planning for retirement involves a number of factors. To begin with, there is the matter of income. Today most persons living in developed countries can expect to receive some form of “Social Security.” This may be enough to live on even though it may amount to only half of what you had been earning. Can you exact a pension? That will help. Planning ahead may also mean having savings in a bank, investing in insurance and in stocks or bonds or real estate. All such aids are in keeping with the Biblical injunction to consider the ant, which makes provision during summer and harvesttime for the winter ahead.—Prov. 6:6-8.

    Planning and preparing for retirement also mean conditioning yourself to getting accustomed to more modest circumstances. Prepare yourself to spend less on food, clothing, shelter and recreation. Take an inventory and determine what is more important to you and what is less. Here also the old saying applies, “It is never this AND that, but this OR that.” Should you find that you will need added income, explore the possibilities. There are many of them, your kind being determined by your abilities, your resourcefulness and where you happen to be living. You might be able to start a small business, such as raising herbs or growing mushrooms, or you might be able to start a modest cleaning service, even as others have done.

    Have you a hobby that upon retiring can be turned into a profitable business? For example, there was a railroad engineer who used to make violins as a hobby—he coming from a violin-making family. Now as a retiree he makes violins full time to his heart’s content. One retired woman makes rag dolls and sells them; a pair of retired oldsters make wooden models of old-time stage coaches and sell them. If you are an American farmer, you might consider the “Green Thumb” projects, as thousands of other retired farmers have done. Three days a week they plant grass and trees, clean out lakes and ponds and build picnic tables and fireplaces, for which they receive some $40 a week.

    Truly many are the avenues open to you for solving the problem of income upon retirement if you will but realistically plan and prepare.

  • DesirousOfChange

    At one time they did encourage parents to put $$ aside for their children vs. parents expecting their children to support them later in life.


  • designs


    Weren't we the fools.

  • exwhyzee

    I remember being kina' blown away(and annoyed) back in the late 90's when during one of the Watchtower studies, they used that scripture that says something about "Be wise just as the nations are wise" and they were encouraging us to be wise by putting away money for an inheritance for our children. I had always been (quietly) investing in my work pension and IRA's (thank goodness) up to that time even though the 1914 generation was in their 80's and not expected to live much longer. Since I had also been (falsely) told since childhood that I'd never graduate from High School before the end came, I wasn't about to be burned again. Anyway, here they were, after all their talk about the closeness of the end, now making it sound like the future of this system wasn't as doubtful as they once thought it was, so ya better put something away for your kids so that in the likely event the new system didn't arrive before you kicked'd have something to leave your them. I remember turning to my wife during this study and she just rolled her eyes and looked disgusted.

    Or trust in the organization died a "death by a thousand cuts" and this was just one of them.

  • prologos

    The Wt money deposit retirement schemes will vary from one place to another, RRSP in canda, --- 400K, Roth accounts in US, but they are government regulated and combine non-profit with anuity benefits, ultimately to the "charity".

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Leaving_Quietly I do not remember the 1975 magazine you are referencing.

    (1) W75 means The Watchtower 1975. OK. No problem there.

    (2) 11/8 means November 8th... AWAKE NOT Watchtower.

    (3) Article entitled 'How To Make Retirement Rewarding'????????

    I hope Blondie or someone else can verify this article.

    If it was in a Nov 8, 1975 Awake, it sure went past my eyes and many other's without a blip on the horizon.

    The Big "A" was preached about and EXPECTED during the Fall of 1975. The magazines are written up, and printed SEVERAL MONTHS before their posted date.

    So in all parts of the world, there were new and old timer's believing the Big "A" was coming from what they heard from the platform before 1975 ended, and you are telling me that the Writing Committee in Brooklyn... already had their 'next thing' going. Oops, we goofed, again. Armageddon did not come so you had better start planning your life out different and plan for your future retirement???

    I do believe a lot of people did not receive that office 'memo'.

    Can someone cross reference this to make sure this is an original Awake mag, not an article in a Bound Volumn that got changed?

    Thank you very much.


  • WTWizard

    More smut about lowering one's income. Even that article about preparing for retirement revolves on the washtowel programming-your-soul-for-poverty crap of "Lower your expectations". At its best, smut.

    And, everything else is even worse smut. These days, they are talking about de-preparing for everything. De-prepare for retirement. "Live a balanced [boasting sessions, field circus], simple [no joy] life". Donate everything you have saved, and cut way back on your secular work so you can pious-sneer and program your soul to accept poverty in the next life. And, you will suffer later in this life. Who will take care of those 50-somethings who take this smut advice when they become 80-somethings with medical needs? Who will take care of them when we start getting rolling blackouts because someone decided to help Isra-hell as they did in 1973? Who will help them when the dollar becomes toilet paper because the Rothschilds see fit to pull the plug on the economy and let hyperinflation come?

    I think I would rather live under Satan. At least Satan is not so quick to strip me of everything I worked for, and condemn me to work for no reward. The worst that happens is that joke-hova will succeed in forcibly dragging me back to this smut and enforcing my compliance even if I believe it is for no good.

  • Splash

    *** g 3/09 pp. 5-6 Manage Your Money Wisely ***

    Carefully consider your future needs. For instance, if you plan to purchase a house or an apartment, obtaining a mortgage at a reasonable rate may be a good decision. Similarly, a family man may feel the need to purchase life, health, disability, or other forms of insurance to protect his loved ones. Considering your needs for the future may also involve planning for retirement. Proverbs 21:5 reminds us that “the plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage.”

  • leaving_quietly

    @LoisLane, oops! You're right.

    g75 11/8 p. 18 - How to Make Retirement Rewarding

    I don't have the Bound Volume or the original, so the CD will have to do.

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