What IS the meaning and purpose of EVIL?

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  • jgnat

    Having lived under the control of an abuser, I can confidently say that not all people are motivated by good. My ex gets off on (secretly) abusing the innocent and the defenceless. He would kick random people on a crowded subway platform. I will not speak of his worst acts. In order to survive, I came to understand him. He acted out of a deep self-loathing which he projected on to the innocent. He was trying to erase the sight of those soft sheep-eyes, so damning. Combine that with an overweening ego fed by a doting family, and you have a monster.

    Is is there meaning and purpose in the creation of such a thing? No.

    I say let's not make any more.

  • cantleave

    I am still not sure of the definition.

    Is evil measurable? Does it come on a scale of 1 to 10? If so what is act of evil would be classed as 1 and what would be a 10?

    Is there any subjectivity to evil? Is hunting wild animals for sport which many think as abhorrant an evil activity, when some people who are certainly not in themselves evil, enjoy this pursuit? Is evil something that can only be perpetrated against other humans, if so why? Are human activities such as the exploitation of resources to the detriment of the environment evil? If so would everyone involved in that activity be acting in an evil way? If such exploitation is not evil, why not?

  • KateWild

    Good one OUTLAW. I agree its always about the money. Kate xx

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    As much as atheists hate to admit it, if there is no God, there is no moral significance to good an evil. For if there is no law, there is no sin; and if there is no sin, there is no righteousness or unrighteousness, and thus no happiness (for happiness cannot exist outside of righteousness) and, consequently, no punishment or misery and, lastly, no God.

    Evangelicals try to say that God created righteousness, and then his creations created evil. They fail to understand that one cannot exist without the other; for righteousness cannot exist without evil and it also cannot exist without God.

    The one thing that evolution cannot hard wire us for is a knowledge of good and evil, because that requires an intelligence that's not hooked into survival. Evolution, as seen by Darwin, accounts only for instincts related to survival. And if survival meant more than anything else there could not and would not be self sacrifice, compassion, empathy, honesty, or virtue. There also would be no justice, for animals completely lack the concept. They may sacrifice themselves for their young, but only because it adds to the survival of the species. Not because they have a sense of nobility.

    Survival rests solely on what one can get away with. Had Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and others been able to get away with what they did and the killing and torture of so many millions of people, then, if there were no God, they would have no one to answer for other than themselves. And it wouldn't have been for good or evil; it just would have been. A million years from now, no one would even remember it or care. And because there is no God, there would be no justice, and if no justice, no punishment. Thus, the actions of all people would be neither good nor evil because good and evil would merely be abstract terms.

    Finally, good and evil could not exist except in an environment of free agency. There would be no virtue in forcing men to do good and to desist from doing evil. If God were to force people not to murder or to harm their fellow men, or animals, then he would rob them of free agency, and that he cannot and will not do. He may, on occasion, protect his people and his prophets, but on occasion he's also let evil run its course. Just before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told the apostles they were going as sheep among the wolves and he offered them no hope of victory in this life because he knew of the coming apostasy. In fact, I know of only one apostle who was not murdered for the cause of Christ, and that was John.


  • cofty

    Cold Steel - Congratulations you have made the shortlist for the most ignorant post of 2013.

    Only a few weeks to go but I doubt you will be beaten.

  • EndofMysteries

    The meaning and purpose of evil, is the opposite of good.

    If you try to read Genesis 1 and 2 in interlinear and in a symbolic and deeper sense, you might see a message like this.

    In the beginning was chaos (no good no evil, no distinction) As God was creating and making seperations of light and darkness, so was he also doing with good and evil, creating seperations and distinctions between them.

    His ultimate goal is in the end after having seperated all of the good and evil, to have a permanent banishment of the evil whether destroyed or permanately seperated so the good can live in peace.

  • bohm

    ColdSteel: The one thing that evolution cannot hard wire us for is a knowledge of good and evil, because that requires an intelligence that's not hooked into survival.

    In your case, the knowledge of good and evil does not seem to be the only thing evolution did not hardwire your brain with...

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Cofty: Congratulations you have made the shortlist for the most ignorant post of 2013.

    From you, Cofty, this is truly a compliment!

  • cofty

    Cold Steel - Shall I explain why your post was off-the-scale ignorant or is it self-evident?

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