Do You Often See JWs Out In The Ministry?

by minimus 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dagney

    I moved from my old hall's territory 8 years ago into a gated townhome division. I have not had any contact with local JW's. There has not been one message on the phone, which records when somebody dials up at the gate to be let in. UPS, Fedex...yes, JW's no. Which tells me there has not been any attempts to work our complex.

    However, I have seen groups of hispanic JW's sloooowly walking down the street talking to each other, not contacting any houses. And I am mean SLOOOOWWW.

    I've been thinking about this. There are still a number who regular aux pioneer, and they must recognize DTD is just not productive. I know one pioneer who goes out dressed casually (jeans), and not just in her territory, and talks to whomever she sees. I feel she is doing her ministry with the right intent; too bad she can't tell anybody because it is verboten.

    It sure is a different day.

  • ozbrad

    Had a group of ten do our street of 20 houses this week and it took them an hour they were so busy chatting to each other.

  • nugget

    I work from home but see witnesses here rarely and have only seen them in the locality twice this year, both times neighbouring congregations. Never see our congregation on the service.

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