Do You Often See JWs Out In The Ministry?

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  • Legacy


    Well, not in my area, we are tripping all over each other....that's why you better watch what you say & do. I think because of JW.ORG, they are directing more folks to the web-site. If they are seen too much, then folks talk about them, if they seem to be scarce in the area, folks say, hey, where are the witnesses? I use to see them all the time can't win...It's winter in we may be out but most of the time, we go into bldgs.

    This Tract campaign, wonder why we can count these tracts. This reminds me of the campaign for the memorial, you think we'll be able to count the memorial invitations ? Doesn't this seem like a Death Campaign ? I'm just saying....


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I have never seen a JW preaching in my neighborhood.

  • Emma

    They come around my neighborhood every couple of years. Last week two young "sisters" knocked (didn't ring the bell?) and I answered. I just smiled and said "no." They said OK and just turned around to leave, didn't even try to engage me at all. They had what looked like a small, pale-pink brochure. I have no idea what they were pushing. I just don't care to get into any discussion with them.

  • HappyDad

    I rarely see them around but I know they've been to my door. They leave there "scat" (tracts) behind. And about 2 months ago there was an unexpected knock and I answered it without thinking and lo and behold, two elders from my former KH came to call on me. I haven't seen these guys for over 10 years. I moved 5 years ago and no one from my former life knew where I was. With the internet today, you can find out where anyone lives today and I guess that is what they did. One thing I can say about these two is that they were great guys when I served and socialized with them I was caught so off guard that all I did was ask how they were doing but they were strictly business. All I said was that I'm not interested in talking at all and closed the door.


  • clarity

    I find the whole thing amazing ...until about 10-12 years ago the

    neighborhoods were in siege by their nuisance calling! On any

    morning a couple of carloads of eager jdubs would fling open those

    4 doors ....jump out and get to work, house about or 1 group take

    1 side and 2nd group take the other


    ...hello ... hello anybody there? No!


    Really I have not seen any witnesses working my neighborhood,

    and even driving down any street .... no witnesses there!


    We have to ask where are they, and more importantly, what the heck

    do they have to talk about, except maybe apologise for all the lies they

    told before 'cause now they have new lite!!


  • cantleave

    I see them less and less,

  • FirstLastName

    I see Mormons more than I see JW's. But when I see JW's and if they have any kids or teenagers with them, I always feel super bad for the kids. It reminds me of all the Saturdays I lost when I was their age :(

  • factfinder

    I rarely see any jws going door to door, once about a year or so, that was it.

    Nobody brings any memorial invites, convention invites, nothing.

    I doubt they will bring kn #38 here either.

    I have NEVER seen any witnesses on the other side of the street in the 26 years I have been living here.

  • Lillith26

    I haven't seen anyone from any ministry in my area since I moved here 3 years ago.... granted the nearest KH is 30km away (dont ask me to convert that to miles- my place is a good 30 minute drive out of town and over a river into a different little town away)..... it's been blissful really :)

  • minimus

    MY GOD! If the Witnesses don't visit, they will be BLOODGUILTY!!!!

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