MEXICO | Jehovah's Witness Family of 8 Massacred including three Children

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  • mindnumbed

    So tragic.

  • WishingLiz

    So sad.

  • 3rdgen

    A few Anglo JWs from our area moved to Mexico and were kidnapped murdered in service by the Cartels as possible DEA informants.

  • suavojr

    Regardless of our beliefs a ytitme something like this happens is tragic. Like blondie said, at least they went to check up on them and did not find out a week after. Mexico is in some deep problems!

  • cofty

    That's very sad.

    It sounds as if parts of Mexico are out of control?

  • BU2B

    This is truly tragic.. Such evil people in the world.. This is no reflection on this poor family, but the god JWs claim to serve wiped out all humanity and animal life at the flood, along with ordering all of the residents of Palestine put to the sword, just like this family.. But of course that was divine justice to them??

    Anyways bad things happen anywhere, but 10000 murders in one city since 2006??!!! That is one hideous tragic statistic.. My heart goes out to them and all of the other people who live their lives in terror in the failed state of Mexico. It is such a beautiful country, I hope that they can get this violence stopped.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    The loss of eight family members whether they are Jehovah's Witnesses or not, is a horrible tragedy.

    The fact that these murders will, most likely, be swept under the rug, by Watch Tower, is another tragedy.

    Why would WT 'forget' these member's who have been murdered? Because the WT wants to portray Jehovah's Witnesses ONLY as happy, smiling drones.

    The Governing Body likes to control their members thinking. The WT reports, as though it is a proven fact, that if you go to the Kingdom Hall or door to door you have angelicâ„¢ protection.

    Is this true? You will only think this is true if you are a Watch Tower drone.


    PS Blondie and 3rdgen. I have not personally heard of any JW's murdered in Mexico before today. Has your information already been covered here on JWN?

  • InquiryMan

    That is not entirely true. There has been articles in Awake! in the past of witnesses having been victims of crime.


    Sorry to sound harsh. It's a tragedy. I am just tired of ignorance and dubyap. I have heard Elders and their wives make comments about people dying because they were not at the meeting. Then they wonder why hiding in a KH doesn't work. The whole thing makes me sad.


  • steve2

    This is sad. It is human to empathize.

    As a child raised in the religion, I remember hearing about a group of Catholic missionaries, including nuns, who were slaughtered in an African country in the mid-1960s. I also remember callous remarks made by some local Witnesses that there were now being fewer slaves of Satan spreading falsehoods. Lives were snuffed out - and among the first thoughts were Which religion did they belong to?

    It is instructive that, in times of tragedy, religious beliefs often snuff out common human decency and concern.

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