MEXICO | Jehovah's Witness Family of 8 Massacred including three Children

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  • Gorbatchov

    Very sad. I pray for the relatives.

    This is contradicting with God protecting his people with his name...

    But so sad for this family.

    Mexico is becomming a hell on earth.

  • chrisuk

    This is horrible news, so sad. I recently watched a series called drugs inc. There was an episode on drug cartels in Mexico, they pretty much run that country, killing anyone they like civilians included, even shooting dead police officers and American DEA agents on the street in broad daylight. Indeed Mexico seems like a terrible place to have to live.

  • BluesBrother

    Let's not be heartless ourselves....I recall it said that the neighbours heard shots at dawn. So they had a pretty damn-good reason to miss the meeting - they were DEAD !

    They must have been regulars if the others came to investigate why they had not turned up. This is a horrible tragedy of a crime . Eight people ! I had heard it said on the news that Mexican drug crime was declined now. It seems not.

    Was it mistaken identity? Did the assassins get the wrong address? Or was somebody up to something that brought the wrath of the gunmen onto them?

    Either way, I feel so sorry for them and families........

  • Etude

    What a gruesome tragedy! I can’t get over the dichotomy of such a crime, which may have been committed by gangster thugs, involving what would normally be law abiding people as many JWs are. Could there have been some sort of liaison between someone in the house and the gangsters? Why would they be killed if they had no business with drugs or anything illegal? Unless it was a mistake and they went to the wrong house, there’s gotta be some logical reason.

  • pearlsister

    Horrible !! such a sad news. Beautiful country with this horrible crimes on inocent people.

  • LogCon

    Mindless violence. It takes a level of evil and callousness that most simply cannot understand.

    Killing three children under six years.

    Sending a message?

    Obeying orders?

    Couldn't care less, to the most extreme degree.

    Trying to use logic to understand does not work with crimes such as this.

    However, in the name of fighting for freedom and liberty, otherwise decent people have committed far more heinous crimes. Keeping separate from the proximity of the blood makes it easier.

    " I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier,

    I brought him up to be my pride and joy,

    Who dares to put a musket on his shoulder,

    To shoot some other mother's darling boy? "

  • smiddy

    It is a sad trgic event.

    However, I wonder how much empathy will be shown by jehovahs witnesses when jehovah snuffs out the lives of 7+ bilion people at armageddon.


  • ILoveTTATT

    Such a sad news story!!

    Ironically, in Mexico, people's best hope is that ONE cartel ends up taking over the whole piece of the pie.

    I lived in Mexico for 1.5 years, I loved every second of it. This, despite living just a couple of hours away from Culiacán, the capital of Sinaloa state, the birthplace of the Sinaloa cartel.

    I wouldn't doubt the father or someone in the family had some sort of ties with drug dealers. It's hard to believe, but many JC's are formed because some brother decided to somehow join or help a drug cartel. Many of the Jw's have relatives who are involved in the drug trade. If the "nephew" decides to not pay up, and the family's gone, they will probably go for the extended family...

    I actually had to counsel a brother not to be an f'ing idiot... he was asking me if it was a good idea to accept gifts and money from his druglord cousin... I was like WTF??? Are you kidding me??

    In Culiacán, the capital of Sinaloa, I remember brothers telling me that the few men who are JW's there have the most enviable choice as to absolutely gorgeous JW wives, since the state is known for its beautiful women, and for the drugs. I was told that young sisters are told to take any JW's who show interest in them, but if the JW's have even an inkling of materialism, the JW men have to compete against guys who can literally buy a ferrari per day. Poor JW janitor or ridiculously rich drug lord? (Both idiot husbands, btw)...

    Anyways... when the drug cartels want to kill someone, they are vicious. If the person they are following goes into a hospital, they will go in and kill as many people as necessary to get their guy. Absolutely heartless killing machines.

    The JW's, unfortunately, capitalize on this to keep people under even more control... some idiot will pull the line as to why they weren't at the meetings... -.-

  • DeWandelaar

    I hope JW's would read the remarks you guys make... then they would conscider to have more trust in us... we are not vile... we feel pain and we feel sorry for their loss.

  • flipper

    This is so sad and disgusting. Mexico needs to stop these drug cartels before they take over the government. Who knows ? Perhaps they run the government. Mexican authorities lack of policing these criminal activities has been well documented over the years and the Mexican authorities who DO try to stop it- seem definitely to be outnumbered. Very sad

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