MEXICO | Jehovah's Witness Family of 8 Massacred including three Children

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    Eight Family Members Killed in Mexico Massacre

    MEXICO | November 17, 2013

    Mexican police found Sunday a family of eight, including three children, stabbed to death and tied down in their home in the northern city of Ciudad Juarez.

    A two-year-old boy survived the attack and was handed to neighbors, local police said.

    The Chihuahua state prosecutor's office said the assailants apparently forced their way inside the house and killed two men, three women and three children between the ages of four and six.

    Their mouths were covered with duct tape and their hands and feet were tied. Neighbors said they heard gun shots but authorities said the victims had stab wounds.

    Neighbors said the house owner was a car salesman.

    The family was supposed to attend a meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses when they were attacked inside their home on Sunday morning, according to testimonies.

    They were discovered dead after members of the congregation went to look for them.

    Ciudad Juarez, which borders the US state of Texas, was once the deadliest city in Mexico amid a turf war between drug cartels.

    More than 10,000 people have been killed in the city since 2006 but the murder rate began to decline in 2011.

    Local officials say the drop in violence is due to tougher policing and crime prevention programs, but security experts believe it began to wane after the Sinaloa drug cartel defeated the rival Juarez gang.

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    Mexico City. - A family of eight was stabbed by unidentified assailants who entered his home in the early hours of Chihuahua Attorney reported.

    According to The Journal , the attack occurred in a house that was located in the streets Luciano Becerra and Fernando Montes de Oca in Colonia Morelos in Ciudad Juarez.Inside the house they found the bodies of persons murdered, who had tape on her mouth and hands.

    Maria del Carmen Morales Infante , 60, was found in the kitchen, Rosa Maria Castañeda Morales , 30, on a bed in one of the bedrooms and María del Carmen Castaneda Morales , 28, in a crib.

    Among the dead are also three children , Daniel Romero Castaneda, six years; Valeria Lara Castaneda, Castaneda Romero April 4, also 4, their bodies were found inside the rooms, the beds together with the bodies of two women j {Young People.

    They also found the bodies of Ruben Romero , 28, and an unidentified man between 25 and 40. The two men were on couches, bound and gagged.

    Neighbors say they heard bursts of fire at dawn , though no body has shots.

    Initial investigations indicate that one of the plates of the house was violated. In the courtyard there were four cars for sale, so if you have authorities investigate theft report. The car salesman was a man known as Max and it could be the body has not yet been identified.

    The family would come this morning to a religious event of the Jehovah's Witnesses, other members of the congregation were concerned about his absence and to pick them up at home, were found dead, so they told the authorities. The place came the municipal police and the state police.

    Authorities do not yet have a solid line of research in relation to this multihomicidio.

    Special Prosecutor for the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes, Enrique Villarreal Macias said that this crime is high impact and should be taken with all care research, for which experts remained in place until Sunday afternoon.

    A few days ago, a few blocks from where the murder occurred multiple, killed a woman who had seven children, after the incident the neighbors requested the authorities to increase surveillance of the area, but were ignored.

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    In an event that has shocked the people of Ciudad Juárez, was released than 8 family members in that border city, including three children, were killed with a knife this morning. It was initially reported to have been shot to death. It was also reported that the attackers took a baby of two months. Even, authorities found the cradle was empty and one woman was killed was near the crib.

    The attack occurred in a house located in the intersection of Luciano Becerra and Fernando Montes de Oca of the Morelos Zaragoza. Apparently, the family belonged to the religious congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and attend an event this Sunday morning, but doing so, alerted known for his temple. He immediately notified the authorities, who went to look for the family to the house, finding all members dead.

    Among the victims have been identified María del Carmen Morales Infante 60, who was found in the kitchen; Rosa Maria Castañeda Morales of 30 years in a one bedroom bed and Maria del Carmen Castaneda Morales of 28 in a crib. It was also reported that among the victims are Daniel Romero 6 years Castaneda, Castaneda Valeria Lara and April 4 Castaneda Romero 4. According to official reports, among adults Ruben Romero is 28 years and an unidentified man between 25 and 40.

    The authorities disclosed that the bodies had tape on her mouth and hands. Information the Diario de Juarez, the bodies of the children were on the beds and in bedrooms. Similarly, two women were found, while the two men were in armchairs, bound and gagged. Initially, it was speculated that were shot because neighbors reported hearing a blast of a firearm during the night, but the bodies of the victims have no shots. According to initial investigations revealed that one of the plates of the house was violated. In the courtyard of the house had four vehicles currently for sale and authorities are investigating whether theft report. Neighbors said that was dedicated to the sale of vehicles was a man known as "Max", who could correspond unidentified body.

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  • cantleave

    Very sad.

  • blondie

    Very sad; it is good to see that someone checked up on them when they did not come to the meetings. I wonder why they turned over the 2 year old to a neighbor rather than someone from the congregation?

    There was a jw couple from my area who went down to Mexico, need is great and disappeared. Their truck showed up but it was a few years before their bodies were found. The rumors around this area was that Mexico was a bad place for non-Hispanics...I guess this shows that robbers are equal opportunity.

  • Sapphy

    Oh that's terrible. Why would somebody anhilate a whole family? My heart goes out to their loved ones.

  • unstopableravens


  • jemba

    My Mums biggest fear was that if you missed a meeting God wouldnt protect you and you would end up dead.

    I sure this will be the excuse for some of the weirder Dubs, should have been at the meeting, shouldnt have been inactive, must have been wrong doers etc.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    jemba >>> Yeah, right. How about going to a KH and getting blown to bits?


    . . . on July 21 of last year, a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Sydney, Australia, was demolished by a bomb during a public Bible talk about loyalty to God and family. One Witness was killed. More than 40 were hospitalized.

    1986 The Watchtower, January 1, page 10 par. 1

  • DeWandelaar

    This is just so sad :(


    It's terrible. Sadly Jemba is correct. These dubs should have been at the KH. That way they could have been killed by a super-typhoon... Our speaker went on and on about how Jehovah protects* his servants yesterday. So the "brother" was a car dealer? His entire family is killed, not just him? Drug Cartels? I am sure the police are connecting the dots. Sounds like a messsage was being sent to other businesses. Just my opinion.


    * The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society inc. does not endorse the view that JEHOVAH(tm) protects individuals. Any and all "protection" is purely coincidental and is not to be considered as typical results, and is not endorsed by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Further, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not responsible for any individual member, or groups of members taking shelter in local congregations during any crisis situation or natural disaster. The individual is solely responsible for their own personal safety when traveling to and from any functions of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, or in their homes and places of business. Any percieved protection that may occur is the intellectual property of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, and may be posted on JW.ORG.

  • krejames

    It seems they missed the meeting because they had been murdered. It was not that they were murdered while missing a meeting. Let's not be too quick to find any excuse to bring a "heartless-JWs" negative into this tragedy. My heart goes out to them, their family and all their friends. And the congregation will no doubt be devastated.

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