Have You Ever Met...Or KNOW...a GB Member?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    If so, what is your experience? I've seen only a few talks by GB members and would like to hear what they're like. Are they personable, aloof, humble, arrogant?

    When they visit Kingdom Halls, do they do any Pioneer work, and do members usually put them up overnight, feed them, etc.?

    How are they usually treated? Do people fawn over them? Do they only socialize with each other or do they have friendships outside of the Governing Body? Are they considered on the same level as other anointed class members as far as their future is concerned or do they occupy a place between anointed and apostolic?

    Just curious.


  • Iamallcool

    I have met Carey Barber very briefly when I visited Bethel.


  • Farkel

    : Have You Ever Met...Or KNOW...a GB Member?

    Yes. Lyman Swingle. I know his entire family.

    :If so, what is your experience? I've seen only a few talks by GB members and would like to hear what they're like.

    You might be surprised to find out that their poop is still brown.

    :Are they personable, aloof, humble, arrogant?

    Yes, they are.


  • braincleaned

    David Splane was our CO back in Canada in the early 70's, and Stephen Lett was our CO in Brooklyn NY...
    Like Farkle said...

    Lett was nice to preach with... and he had no apparent problem with me writing comic books.
    Splane is responsible for pushing my baptism to my dad... still doing that. He was a sore loser at cards! LOL!

    Individually, the ones I met were rather nice — but as part of the GB, they have a mob attitude.

  • confusedandalone

    t bethel I cleaned the offices of barber sydlik and jaracz... Sydlik was cool and liked the athleticism of black brothers... Referred to us as gazelles.

    barber liked to feel up younger women

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    yeah barber was absolutely a huge perv like that. i met sydlik once. he was a nice enough guy. i never could get a good read on jaracz. he seemed like hard-ass but from what i've read here, he was apparently one of the more liberal GB members.

    as for some of other questions, here's some random things:

    -when they go to conventions for speaking assignments, odds are they have close friends in that district. this year is a bit different with the international conventions but they probably could request where they wanted to go. if they visit a congregation for a speaking thing, which i'm guessing they do if invited, they typically do go out in service on saturday.

  • SloppyJoe

    I met Lyman swingle and took a picture when I was a kid. I also met barber seemed very old and frail. Current members I have met are pierce, Morris, herd, and splane. All were nice and courteous to me.

  • confusedandalone

    yman swingle was batshit crazy. When I was at bethel one Saturday morning he came to breakfast wearing a kimono... I kid you not

    I also saw him once eat a whole pan of jello.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Did the rest of the bunch know about Barber? Did anyone ever report him?

    And what would happen if a young woman had a bad experience? If she reports it, she's going after the FDS. She also may find a hostile working environment in the wake.

  • cantleave

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