Have You Ever Met...Or KNOW...a GB Member?

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  • NewYork44M

    Just to clarify, the relatives may not have been Herd's grandchildren, they were family but I don't know enough to know what relationship they were. Is all I was aware is that there were several close relations that were quite active in the congregations.

  • Iamallcool

    Sam Herd have children??? It is news to me. Are they still in the borg? Sam Herd was CO for three decades and I do not know how he managed to have children too???

    Edited: I just read NewYork44M post before my post, thanks for the explanation.

  • im stuck in
    im stuck in

    As a kid went door to door with NH knorr. I was very young and not much for memories of it though.

  • NewYork44M

    It was a long time ago when I knew the family. My father knew them better. The Herd family members I knew were the overzealous type that bordered on annoying. At the time Sam was a DO and the talk was that he was ignored for the role as GB because he was black. Keep in mind that racial tension was strong in the Midwest in the 1970s. If I knew what the relationship was, I forgot due to lack of interest, but the bottom line was that his family made it clear that they were special due to their connection to Sam.

  • dozy

    I met Jack Barr a couple of times and spoke briefly - he seemed a genuine , decent kindly old man.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    BluesBrother: Personalities, good or bad are not what counts. It is just the words - is it true or false?

    Is it common for them to be asked about their callings? If someone asks them about how they receive light, do they mind or do they become annoyed? I haven't read any of Raymond Franz's works. Was he kicked out, asked to leave or just leave because he couldn't justify it anymore. Also, do they seem to believe in their own callings? Do they ever get dogmatic?

    Does Franz still believe in the religion or has he renounced it wholeheartedly?

    When these guys travel around, do they suggest door approaches, tell you what you should warn people of? Do they usually take questions when they speak and are they ever asked about the big-A?

    And what of the media? Do they ever grant interviews? If I were a non-JW and found myself in their neck of the woods and wanted to meet with one, could I get in?

    Finally, who's the senior member? Is he the CEO or are they all equal?

  • Farkel


    You are the one who is bat shit crazy. You wrote this about Lyman Swingle:

    :yman swingle was batshit crazy. When I was at bethel one Saturday morning he came to breakfast wearing a kimono... I kid you not

    :I also saw him once eat a whole pan of jello.


    Let ma add a little perspective about Lyman. I not only knew Lyman, but I knew his DAD! "Doc" Swingle. Doc was a real, original Russell Bible Student. I know Lyman's sister Betty, also a "real" anointed one. Her son, Steve was best man at my wedding. Their brother Leroy I did not know that well, but I knew their younger brother, Fran Swingle quite well. In fact, I used to visit them and play the piano in the basement for them on a number of occasions. I even had a date with their daughter and their son and I have caught up after 40 years and we still keep in touch.

    With regards to Lyman being "bat shit crazy", your "evidence" is coming to breakfast in a kimono and eating a whole pan of jello. If that is evidence for "bat shit crazy" then I guess I should be in prison for life. By the way, how crazy is "bat shit" and what exactly does that mean, you twit?

    I had dinner with Lyman in Utah long away from Bethel because he had gone home to marry his sister Betty to a man I introduced her to, Jess Thomas, a pioneer. They are both long deceased. I played the piano at their wedding ceremony.

    I found Lyman to be earthy, friendly and a good guy. In or out of a Kimono and whether he liked jello by the panful or not, you clueless one.

    Now let me tell you what REALLY pissed me off. When Lyman died arount 2000 or so, my mom seny me an audio cassette of his funeral. I was long, long, long out of the dubs, but since Lyman and his family were part of where I grew up, I listened to it.

    I thought they were eulogizing the pope of the Catholic Church. It was disgusting. They NEVER allow a rank and a file dub to have such an eulogy, but old Lyman got one.

    Double standards for those double hippocrites.


  • Crazyguy

    I think franz got it right in his book, just a bunch of blind men leading a blind religion. And it sounds like since the death of Fred Franz know one in the gb have ever really been willing to question the dogma, so no changes take place except for the ones where they have to because they ran out of tme.

  • Thoughtless

    Do any one know the specs of Ray Franz' funeral?

  • confusedandalone

    OK Farkel, let me start off by asking you to first of all "suck a dick" I do not have to explain what that means since it is self-explanatory... If you want to know what batshit crazy means go look it up you twit...

    Anyway in regards to his eating a 2 foot by 2 foot pan of Jello that was not even on the menu but that he sent someone to the kitchen to bring to him at breakfast for his personal consumption on a Saturday morning at Bethel puts one in that category. Also, wearing a kimono to breakfast at BETHEL on a Saturday morning is not allowed by anyone... except a GB member who is too old to get rid of and who is BATSHIT CRAZY. Would you like me to run through all of the other insane things he has done at BETHEL??? I am sure many of the bethelites who were there durring the 1990s -earl;y 2000's will relate the many insane things he did. JUST LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW SOME. IF YOU WERE THERE AND DO NOT KNOW ANY THEN THAT IS YOUR LOSS.

    Secondly you have a fondness for him no doubt because of his link to your family but honestly the man was off in his old age. Dimentia had set in or something to that effect and the man was gone... he would do things that if you saw any other person doing you would say, "HEY THAT GUY IS A NUTJOB or a WHACKADOODLE." Your buddy Lyman in his old age turned into a WHACKADOODLE.

    " I found Lyman to be earthy, friendly and a good guy. " That is fine that YOU did. I found him to be a crackpot who constantly did things that made almost EVERYONE at BETHEL realize he was gone. MAybe he seemed earthy since his brain at the time was turning to dust... i don't know.

    " I not only knew Lyman, but I knew his DAD!" Who gives a rats ass??? I knew and saw Lyman on a day to day when he had lost it... not sure where you were at that time. The man made fun of asian guys and blacks... not sure why. He had issues with our "bubble lips that looked like sausages"

    During morning worship he would often get lost and go overtime... we all thought it was "soooo cute", by the time I left he was no longer even allowed up there. He became a bit of a joke.

    Thank You

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