Norwegians: Stick With What You Are Good At.

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  • waiting

    Howdy Grunt!

    I have standards - I, at least, forwarn people before I steal their brilliant words. Glad you decided to join us - interesting history of the world and all the nations, eh? "We are not alone."

    A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by a common hatred of its neighbours. William R. Inge

    Tongue-in-cheek brilliance.

    Nationalism means that every little group of human twerps with its own slang, haircut and pet name for God should have a country. P. J. O'Rourke

    And we're all in it together - including Good Ol' Norm.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Sheesh! every Norwegian apostate on the net has exactly the same opinion on the Israel question.
    truly amazing.

  • Prisca

    They have to, RF, otherwise their fearless leader will kick them off his "discussion" board.


  • Atreyu

    Who's that "fearless leader" and where's his discussion board?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    yeah right.

  • mommy
    Guess again Farkel. You really don't think that's the real reason why they packed up their toys and now play on Kent's playground, do you?

    Well instead of guessing why I play over there, let me once again tell you. It is because of Simon allowing personal attacks to occur from certain posters and tightening the chain on others. Please see your own comments in this thread. Nothing but nasty venomous comments that are now spilling over to other posters.

    You Prisca have no life why else would you continue to harp on what "wendy, kent, julie, tina and mommiedark" do and say? So boring your life in fact that you said:

    I kept an eye on that board over the weekend.
    Can anyone smell obsession? Almost every thread I commented on here in the past was hijacked by your snide remarks. Now you continue with your snide remarks, I just happened upon this one. Trust me I don't keep a close eye on you, and in all honestly don't give a flip what you think or say. I just find it amusing that your juvenile behavior is allowed to continue here. How is instigating a flame war, helping others? BTW Refiner's nice to see you have prisca's back yet again...might want to read all her words here to make sure you are behind them before you go sticking your foot in your mouth again.


    Oh shit. Here we go, stand by for blasting!


    Part of me can't help but think this was your intent.
  • Prisca

    Hey wendy,

    Does someone email you whenever they see a post that they think you can attack me on? Cos I've noticed that the only time you post on this board is to attack people, particularly me or teejay.

    That does smell of obsession, believe you me.

    You're a complete joke mommie dearest.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    too dumb to survive.

    might want to read all her words here to make sure you are behind them before you go sticking your foot in your mouth again.
    referring to my little scrape with Reborn the other night.

    Living proof that all you turkeys got nothin better to do than watch my every post.
    Like ghosts, outside in the dark, lookin in.

  • Angharad

    I think everyone is sick of this very old fight.

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