Norwegians: Stick With What You Are Good At.

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  • Englishman

    I’m totally bewildered that Norm, Kent and Jan appear to have distanced themselves from this site, particularly in view of the many excellent articles that have been written by this trio.

    This was Norm’s latest post on Kents discussion forum, it sat on site for almost a day before anyone responded:

    The US whore

    These days Bush is visited in Texas by one of the worlds most oppressive and despotic rulers in history, the Saudi-Arabian ruler. How fitting it was that the President again (lamely) called upon Israel to withdraw from occupied territory. Incidentally he was very grateful that the Saudi’s didn’t want to play the oil boycott card.

    It is really funny to watch this obvious charade of the US here. In one moment they make a huge number together with Israel that they must defend Israel, the “only democracy” in the Middle East. I guess murder, terrorism and genocide have to be excused when it is carried out by a “democracy”, but then the US suddenly almost cry with relief that their friend and ally, the “Ayrab” dictatorship Saudia-Arabia don't shut down the oil, so that Bushes sacred voters don’t have to amble their fat asses by foot to the nearest Wall Mart.

    Utterly disgusted with our only super power.


    My advice to the Norwegians is to concentrate on knocking the WTBTS and to leave the US alone, after all, Americans are well in the majority here and this sort of post is becoming much too frequent IMO. Overt criticism of any country by an outsider will always cause resentment within the country concerned, with the result that the good stuff written will be ignored due to the offense that has been caused.

    Stick with what you are good at gentlemen, please.


  • DevonMcBride

    Did you notice Watchtower Observer promotes a boycott of Israel too?

  • Satanus

    The majority of europeans see the israel/pali issue in the same way as those norwegians. It is only england that agrees w the us policy.


  • expatbrit


    The Palestinian question does indeed divide America and Europe, but Britain does not fall into the American line of thought, as indicated by this study, quoted in the Economist of April 20, 2002:


  • Prisca

    I've noticed in the Australian media that the support has shifted away from Israel, and increasingly becoming more supportive of Palestine.

    It may also be because we have a more vocal Arabic population here in Australia.

  • Satanus


    Thanks. That is very interesting. Another factor is the attitude of the govts. In some cases, especially in britain's case, it doesn't reflect the majority of the citizens' attitudes.


  • jukief

    Like the Norwegians (and most of the rest of the world, I might add), I disagree with the US policy on Israel. However, having said that, I don't think it's fair to attack the American people over this. US citizens have very little say about US policy. Plenty of people are just like me--very much opposed to our policy. We vote, but all you have to do is look at the last presidential election to see how much votes count for. US government does NOT equal individual US citizens. I did NOT vote for Bush; I dislike the man instensely and fear he's going to damage this country even more than his daddy and uncle Ronnie did. And, as to Norm's final comment, I've long used a bicycle for transportation, I walk, and I own a small car that gets good gas mileage. I don't amble on my "fat ass" over to Walmart. I'm a Target girl, myself. :-)

    I don't like what the Israelis *or* the Palenstianians are doing. Both groups are bloodthirsty and driven by vengeance and retribution. I fear the only answer to the problems over there is to let them all kill each other off. But the Israelis definitely should NOT have the support of the US government in that endeavor.

    Julie F, who didn't sit on her fat ass this afternoon but ran errands on her bicycle

  • gsx1138

    I find it funny how the media has made the death of a Palestinian more important than the death of an Israeli. So called terrorists can get their point across without killing civilians on purpose. I was sympathetic to the IRA for years. I'm an american and can't stand Pres. Bush at all bacause of the way he is using his presidency to push conservative christian policies. I think the Palestinians should be happy that the U.S. has some kind of leash on the Israeli's at all.
    I just see Europe being pissed because the Israeli's don't give a shit what they think, especially the French. With that said I think that Israel should withdraw and give them another shot. All else fails, take Gaza back and push the Palestinians back to the country they should be in anyway, Jordan. They had their chance after WW2 to get their own country and they chose to fight. Guess what? They lost and now I'm supposed to feel sorry for them?

    Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

  • Grunt

    If I had the history that the Norwegians have, I would be trying to make up for my own past. The last thing they should do is EVER try to look down on other people's governments. They must not know their own or they would be too ashamed to bring it up. The evils perpetrated against the gypsies in Norway make Selma look like a paradise. Because the Norwegians are small and don't make much of a splash on the world scene the western media don't spend a lot of time looking at their transgressions past and present and as they spend so much time looking at other nation's news organizations they don't get their own much. Skin heads beating exchange students to death and the kidnapping of children of minority groups only to be placed in government homes and abused or experimented on, lobotomies and such performed on minority members, they are just finishing paying off the relatives of the Jews they helped the Nazis murder, not to mention the treatment of the Sami (Lapps) they have had to pay them off too. No, Norwegians feet stink too. Worse than ours. Our traitors were never able to take over. They are a people whose foundations lay in robbery and who traditionally have quickly turned on one another for the same motives. I guess we all have our Quislings in the closet. I guess he is among the most famous of Norwegians, though most have probably never heard of him. Had Benedict Arnold taken over and helped kill all the blacks in the USA I guess he would have been a blot as big as Norway's toady.
    I think it has to do with size or sunshine or something. They don't have much, can't use much of what they have and their government taxes them to death on the one thing they do have plenty of. I once posted similar thoughts and Jan did give me a funny reply, with pictures of a parade full of beautiful girls in swimming suits, (so there is some sunshine in Norway!) but I will post it again as it does reflect something of the attitude I keep seeing from Norway. Kent had found an article written by an American student that said the USA was like the Witnesses or something like that. I was responding to it. I suspect if you give a drunk Norwegian a computer these feelings come to the surface.

    I guess if you are huddled in the Cold, Arctic Darkness, looking out at the oil rigs and thinking that despite having oil reserves much like Saudi Arabia's you and the other poor bedarkened Norwegians are paying some of the highest gas prices in the world..... I guess thinking about Americans, with the cheap gas, with those beautiful tanned women, with all that SUNSHINE with your only light being from your computer monitor as you are so bored all you do is scan small American college papers in places like Murfreesborro Tenn. I guess if you lingered over how small you are, about the size of Arizona, or how NORTH you are, well, you might become critical of others also. You might want to forget your own faults and problems by assaulting someone else's, even if yours are MUCH MUCH WORSE! If the only thing you ever got from that land of Sunshine and Rock n Roll was a Watch Tower, then you might be bitter too. If everyone mistook you for a Swede and you had to pretend to like the thirty percent of your pile of cold rocks that can be used, better than that land of Milk and Honey, (or was it Volvos and Money?) next door, then you might be inclined to depression too. Like everyone else. So if someone were to call the USA the Jehovah's Witness of Nations, you might grab it too. Grab it and twist it and pretend you had always believed it and that you didn't know that it was really your country who was most like the Witnesses. Time for some more anti-freeze I think, and to look at a few more little college newspapers and see if any other teenager will say something stupid. That Dam Bush. Those Dam Americans. That Dam cheap gas and those Awful Women with their little swim suits like its really that warm anywhere in the world. Its all staged I tell ya, the sunshine, the moon landing, the women, all phonied up in Hollywood. DAM HOLLYWOOD! I hate's em, I hate's em, I hates'em!

  • patio34

    Hi E-man, Thanks for that keen observation. I too miss the contributions that JanH made.

    Grunt, I don't know about the accuracy of the Norway history and outlook, but I surely did enjoy that! It would explain the surly, critical attitude of our absentees. Your post is a keeper!


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