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    They can say it's short, but since they didn't say that the overlapping generation will see the 'end' but the start of the great tribulation and the fact they are relying on people thinking it will be short, it's going to be a ploy to buy more time. They can say it's began, then maybe do what was done long ago, say it's put on pause, etc.

  • EndofMysteries

    Actually, NOW I know what the GB are up to. After rereading the entire paragraphs on that article, it's obvious the GB are saying that they themselves are the 2nd or overlapping generation. They are pretty much assuring that they will live the rest of their live, all bills paid and provided for by the [email protected] and leave whoever succeeds them to come up w/ new light to have themselves covered.

  • notsurewheretogo

    I see what you are saying EndofMysteries about how they could now have a massive gap in the GT and the Big A but I don't think that is the point of their article....they are basically scarying the flock by saying ticktock the time is nearly up since the second overlapping generation is well advanced in years since they had to be anointed and live at the time of the anointed of the first overlapping group...

  • Cadellin

    Bottom line (simplified edition): They (WT/GB/FDS) don't know what the hell they're talking about.

    Jesus' words were very simple: The folks that heard his prophecy would see the end of it. About 37 years later (according to what we have in Gospel form today), Jerusalem was destroyed. Less than a 40-year literal Biblical generation. That's it.

    Today, the WT is trying desperately to keep the end game alive and they have to snatch at theological straws to do so. They're kicking the eschatological can down the road and the next generation of GB (no pun intended) will have to come up with a new spin when, once more, their prophecy fails to materialize.


    What I can't fathom is that so many long-time JWs are still continuing to buy this nonsense.

  • tornapart

    EOM- "It's a fact that by 1927 to 1931 over 75% after Rutherfords takeover then his failed 1925 false prophecy woke up and left. "

    Can you back this statement up EOM? It would be great to be able to use.


    I see EOM's point. The GB like to stack the deck in their favor. They will be just vague enough to confuse the sheeple. At the same time they will double-down on the Big A being soon! They get to buy some time for themselves while also explaining why old JW anointed ones are dropping like flies 100 years after 1914. I think many, many JWs ar getting tired, deep down in their souls they are getting tired. The GB see it. So the GB have to raise awareness. It's pep-rally time!!

    What can you do? Either you admit that you are just guessing, or you press on and tack in the wind!! Do you think that the WTBTS tries to join places like the UN and OSCE to get the inside scoop on world events? Maybe they are gambling on the outbreak of a huge terrorist or economic event? Remember that they claimed prior knowledge about 1914 AFTER the fact. Tons of "worldly" newspapers talked about the League of Nations becoming the UN before the JWs claimed it as their prophecy.

    Something else puzzles me. How can you say from a "scriptural" standpoint when someone becomes anointed? How can you know if you are part of the second overlap? Did you have to be a Bethel and eat lunch with A GB member? Or just meet them at a DC? Besides being a candidate because you are alive, how can you make the determination? Is there a up and coming Bethelite who has not yet declared his heavenly calling? Is it just men that can be part of the generation? They make it sound like not EVERY partaker today is part of the second overlap, right?? So how can they know who is? Are they going to claim that ONLY the GB/FDS is part of the overlapping generation? It raises many questions.


  • LostGeneration

    Only apostates actually pay attention to what these doofuses are printing, JWs simply want to get serve-us and the meeting over so they can head to coffee break or lunch.

    The GB wants it this way.

  • EndofMysteries

    It's funny, the original / first generation teaching that was based on 1914 claimed those who were annointed during 1914 wouldn't die until armageddon. Then when the years were running out the new light was merely those who were alive and could understand what was happening, so say those 15 years old and up wouldn't die until the end. Then the new light was evidently those born 1914.

    So now they add overlapping generations and the 2nd generation overlaps the first, the first being back to square one, those who were alive and annointed by 1914.

    The next phase will be those atleast 15 years old generation overlapping. Then the new light after that runs out is again those born in 1914 overlapping.

    What a joke.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Nicely put LostGeneration.

    The GB used to print new truths and explain why they think it is so...this crazy explanation of the overlapping generation is all taken from one scripture that mentions no overlapping yet they say "Jesus evidently meant...".

    And dubs accept it because they believe the GB are God's Channel. But how will they convince newbies that the GB are FDS since they now never back up their points with research, proof and logic.

    It is actually beyond comprehension to me how people can accept these new truths with no proof as to why they are true...

  • clarity

    I am puzzeled about what these people are "feeling" too.


    I have been out for 4yrs only,...if I was still trying to sort

    this out ...still trying to believe it ....OMG I may have gone nuts!


    How these older ones can bear it ...I don't know!


    Love my freedom now!



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