Is the WTS backing away from "Bible Tall Tales" ?

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  • Comatose

    It was Misquoting Jesus. You are right. Great book. To John he was the Passover Lamb as evidenced with the writer of John saying in the opening of the book, Look the passover lamb who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus had to die on Passover night for the writer of John.

  • Joliette

    Sometimes I wonder.

  • ozbrad

    You'd think and all powerful god would tell his people to wash their hands after having a crap so it would save millions of lives but could'nt be bothered.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Simon from page 1: The bible does say something along the lines of "in time, his hair grew back". If it was nothing to do with his hair then, well, why mention his hair at all? Why not make it about just being faithful or not? Because it makes a good story, nothing more.

    It is nothing more than the good story, but going back to Watchtower making it both literal and symbolic, they say it wasn't about the literal hair growing back but it was about Blind Samson spending that time repenting and writing his letter of reinstatement. He felt so bad that he let Jehovah down that he was overjoyed to be used by Jehovah again, even if it meant his own death. So, he was allowed back into "the truth" and served until death.

    It always reflects back to cult purposes with them.

  • adamah

    OTWO, you didn't actually serve on the Writing Dept at Bethel in the past, did you? If not, you missed your calling, LOL!

  • OnTheWayOut

    That's really the way their stuff was written a short while ago, Adamah. I could write it now, knowing it is nonsense designed for a dangerous mind-control cult.

  • jwleaks

    "Once upon a time..."

    Judges 9:8

  • gorgia2

    Island Man,

    I can relate to your post. My grandmother used to talk to me about Noah & all the other MBOBS nonsense with such solemnity. She really believed all the stories were historical fact. And I also remember adult JDubs telling me that jehovah only did all those amazing things with people and animals 'in the bible times' & not to hope for any exciting miraculous stuff to happen now. I was very disappointed as a child.


  • adamah

    jwleaks said- "Once upon a time..." Judges 9:8

    Apparently JWs never got the memo that the book of Job is similarly disclosed to be a parable by its author, via use of Hebrew syntax:


    A New Adam

    Here we meet a new Adam. He is a mature human being, the man whose name is Job. (Job 1:1) The author places some emphasis on this point because the Hebrew text begins with the word for man “ish”, “a man there was”. This is a significant change in the normal Hebrew word order of verb-subject-object. Here the order is object-subject-verb. [2] The significance is found in the fact that there are only two genuine parallels to this inverted syntax and they are found in the opening lines of Nathan’s parable (2 Samuel 12:1) and Joash’s fable (2 Kings 14:9). [3] This syntax is an introductory Hebrew formula or idiom for the parable that follows, akin to the modern introductory phrase “once upon a time”.

    Thus, the author The Book of Job is telling the reader from the start that this book is and should be read as a myth or parable about humankind.

    Another bit of evidence that JWs are simply making up crap, believing that a fictional character who was created by the author(s) to illustrate a point about why God allows suffering is actually going to be resurrected (or, 'surrected'?) in the New System.


  • Vidiot

    PaintedToeNail - "It never made sense to me why Samson kept going back to Delilah..."

    Ball-shattering sex?

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