Is the WTS backing away from "Bible Tall Tales" ?

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  • confusedandalone

    Painted it appears Samson was the typical meathead... All brawn and no brains.

    it is funny that once you start trying to visualize this stuff the wheels fall off

  • Comatose

    I did not get Jericho as a kid. Strange marching instructions then an entire city falls except this little part someone lives in. Now why angels didn't just lead them out of the city... And the spies got to stay with a prostitute. I remember even as a fully in young witness thinking those spies probably saw some action.

  • adamah

    CAA said-

    Painted it appears Samson was the typical meathead... All brawn and no brains.

    Yeah, Samson was the Tanakh's version of the Greek character Hercules, a Supermanesque figure who wields special powers via the power of ceremonal rituals (no doubt derived from his magic dreidel).

  • confusedandalone

    Where do you guys find these pics lol

  • tootired2care


    So on the population numbers.... I don't get their explanation. I think my unbeleiving mind has been darkened.

    What are they saying?

    What they are essentially saying, is that 70 souls moved to Egypt in the second half of the 430 years reported in exodus, and then multiplied to 600,000 abled bodied men + plus women and children (they of course weren't counted, because we know how high women rank in the bible) in 215 years. It's a proposterous tall tale by any stretch of the imagination.

  • gingerbread

    @ tootired - and there is no solid archelogical evidence of a massive, nomadic group of people living/existing on the Sinai Peninsula during that time either!

    Weird Bible stories:

    The people of Noah's time were so bad and evil that the solution to this problem was to cause a flood and save all the ...... animals??

    Lot's daughters get the old fella drunk and then get busy with him....two nights in a row. And he has no memory of it? He is SO drunk...but somehow his wedding tackle rises to the occasion.....???


  • confusedandalone

    " 600,000 abled bodied men + plus women and children"

    Wasnt life expectancy at the time like 46 or something.. not to mention all the sickness and sacrifices that were going on - I am surprised they had enough males for a game of rugby after 215 years

  • Jeffro


    The Devil, killed more than that in one hour in the Philliphanins the other day!!!!

    No, mouthy. Just, no.

    Even a Bible-believing Christian should know better than that. See Ecclesiastes 9:11.

    There. There's your stoning.

  • Comatose

    On the population.

    Compounded math is pretty crazy, amazing how quick the numbers can jump... Assuming generous generations of 80 years you get 2.5 generations of fathering children. Assuming there were 35 males that moved to egypt and that each had children from the time he was 18 until 80, at one per year and half were girls, he could have 31 sons. 35 original fathers would turn into 1085 men in the first generation. The 35 original fathers die and that leaves 1050 to have 31 sons each or 32550 men with generation number two. The 1050 die and leave 31500 to have half a generation of 16 sons or 504,000 living sons in 215 years by this math.

    Now, this math is purposefully aggressive for a few reasons. One you want to slant it so far in the favor of "what could possibly happen" that a fundamentalist wouldn't accuse you of being unfair. On top of that, you want the literal bible believer to see and acknowledge you are being generous. I think it highly unlikely that each male had 62 children a piece, and that none of those children died of natural causes before age 80, or that none had any issues at all with having children in their 70s and 80s. But, even if these amazing and improbable conditions were met, you still fall short of the 600k able bodied men the bible talks of.

    Unless my math is all off...

  • Jeffro


    No witness I know thinks the earth is 6,000 yrs old.

    It's unlikely that many do believe that. It's not an official teaching.

    The official teaching 'generously' says that the creative days (combined) may be "many thousands" (but never "millions" or "billions") of years. (There has never actually been any statement from the Watch Tower Society explicitly countering the old claim that each 'creative day' was 7000 years, but it's no longer explicitly stated.) However, the planet itself is supposed to have been created prior to those.

    The JW website claims that JWs are not "creationists" because they don't consider the 'creative days' to be literal 24-hour days like "some creationists" do. They completely ignore the fact that they are in fact "day-age creationists".

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