Thinking of going back

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  • Bruja-del-Sol

    A couple of years ago I considered returning too. I told my husband as well as my ex-husband (we're still friends). My hubby has never been a JW, my ex left the cult just a couple of months after I'd been DF'd.

    They both gave me some arguments as why I'd better not go back, but my hubby said that I should make a list. Actually two lists. He made me take a piece of paper and write on the left all the reasons I could think of why I should NOT return, on the right all the reasons I could think of why I wanted to return. After that I had to rate EVERY single reason with points from 1 to 10. After I finished I had to add up all the 'go back'-points and also all the 'don't go back'-points. And then compare: which list had the highest points.

    Very simple, and it made it crystal clear to me that I had really not enough reasons to go back and all the more reasons to stay away from the JW's and everything going on there!

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