Could there really be something to the UFO phenomena? Amazing documentary

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    Tesla developed the tech. The Government has been tweaking it ever since. Drones are not the most advanced tech they have. Where did they get the idea in the first place? We may never know..

  • metatron

    Consider one fact in regard to UFO's (and much else) that is incredibly overlooked:

    The US Government Lies Whenever It's Convenient. Does anyone doubt that? Vietnam? Watergate? The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? The U-2 Incident? How about the War with Iraq? How about Obamacare?

    The US Air Force has a long history of lying about UFO's - where ever they come from. Nobody wants the public to panic, right?

    This is a primary obstacle with this fringe topic. You are fighting to figure out what's true against a powerful government that doesn't deserve any credibility anymore than the Watchtower does.


  • adamah

    metatron said-

    The US Government Lies Whenever It's Convenient. Does anyone doubt that? Vietnam? Watergate? The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? The U-2 Incident? How about the War with Iraq? How about Obamacare?

    That's news to you? The last 5 of 6 wars the U.S. has been involved in were entered based on propaganda and spin, starting in the late 19th century with the Spanish-American war (WR Hearst manipulated the populace with the sinking of the USS Maine via his brand of "yellow journalism"). That's also the same time period in which corporate entities were allowed to insert their $$$ into governmental affairs.

    Unfortunately it's now just the way gov't and corporate influence works, and the ignorance and apathy of the electorate allows it to happen in a so-called "democratic" society. No conspiracy hypothesis needed: it's WELL-KNOWN what the problem is, and any silly conspiracy theories are just noise and distraction from the real problem.


  • scotoma

    Mad Giant,

    I agree with you about these documentaries. They take so long to say something that could be said very simply with a few paragraphs and some short illustrative videos of about 30 seconds. If I want to listent to music or watch stock scenes on various topics I'll do that. Why stretch it out.

    About the laws of the universe. We simply don't know it all. We think we do. But then later we see that we were wrong.

    For example who would think that by spinning a coil of wires in a magnetic field would produce electricity. Such a simple idea that revolutionized our world. There may be a fairly simple way to jump dimensions. Like clicking the heels of some ruby slippers.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    MadGiant: "The problem is this killjoy of an equation: E=mc2"

    Unless they've mastered entangled states.

    In which case, quantum tunnelling would be easy for them. So if any aliens are reading this, I still wish that you'd quantum tunnel some intelligence into my head before the exam tomorrow.

  • smiddy

    yadda yadda2

    I have witnessed twice in my lifetime phenonema which I cannot conceive as being normal.The first time was witnessed by one other person with me the second time their was a group of people with me , and on this occasion a different sighting occured not once not twice but three times over a period of time .One of the witnesses , a freind of mine`s mother left the scene because it freaked her out .At the time everybody was puzzled as to what was going on. One person made some inquirys over the phone if their were any airforce planes in the vicinity and was told their was none.This was early night time. I looked in the papers the next day to see if anything was reported ...nothing. On meeting up with a few of the people over the next couple of days they just brushed it off as it was something normal ,which it definetely wasn`t.

    I put it down as something humans cant explain, rather than be in a state of perplexity ,find some other explanation to satisfy the mind.

    I beleive what I saw were UFO`s , simply stated ,unidentified flying objects .I do not jump to the conclusion they were spacecraft piloted by aliens.

    Neither do I rule out such a possability , we are just babes as far as science and technology are concerned , sure we have made tremendous advances this past hundred years , and who knows what discoverys lay ahead this next hundred or so years.......just saying.


  • smiddy

    Just to throw another iron in the fire , has anybody checked out Steven Greer , Sirius , Disclosure ?


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yes, it's bullshit and hype mixed with some clever fakery.

  • GromitSK

    @blondie - I used to love that picture from the Sistine Chapel until I got a birthday card with the caption "god shows Adam what he'll have to use until Eve is created".

  • metatron

    My Heavens! "silly conspiracy theories" co-existing with US global dominance lying about anything it wishes?

    Really? Do you comprehend that a government spilling out lies as it wishes spawns real conspiracies, by definition?

    Forget the peer reviewed logic of a science experiment. If you really want to understand more about UFO's, adopt the logic common to law enforcement investigators. Things like means, motive and opportunity. While you're at it, try that same field of reasoning to things like "terrorism", 9/11, The TBTF Banks, and much more.

    There are people who have power and money. They want to keep that power and money. They use whatever means necessary to hold on to power and money. It's simple.

    Admitting that Aliens exist would tend to blow up that rulership - by governments and religions: therefore, they don't want it.

    There is a sign clearly visible at the border of Area 51, out west. It states that "use of deadly force is authorized" if you trespass. The government is warning people that they may kill them to protect their secrets.

    Can it be any plainer or more obvious than that?


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