Could there really be something to the UFO phenomena? Amazing documentary

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Same old same old, nothing new there and all the usual fallacies presented as a basis in fact.

    Wanting to believe something does not make it so....

  • MadGiant

    I believe that there probably is something out there besides us.-Billy

    Is there any reason not to believe that the universe isn't teeming with advanced societies?-Chapstick

    You can't tell me that all these pilots, military personnel, generals, scientifically trained people, etc, just saw products of their imagination. There's definitely something strange going on.-yadda yadda 2

    I have to agree. The problem is this killjoy of an equation: E=mc2

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  • willmarite

    Anyone who says there is absolutely nothing to the UFO phenonemon except swamp gas and self delusion has a closed mind. The same can be said about the ton of evidence that there is something to the afterlife.

    It is true there is no reproducible lab evidence. However there have been probably millions of expericences that indicate there is something to these things. To not be completely convinced is understandable to deny a real possibility that there is something to them is evidence of a closed mind.

  • chrisuk

    There's a guy in the video by the name of Robert Dean at 22:26. I've seen this same guy in another video about UFO's, but on that video he started crying and saying he was abducted by aliens, and they showed him all sorts of magical things. He's a joke in my opinion. Search his name on youtube and I'm sure you'll come accross the video of him crying and saying he was abducted. I'm not saying UFO's are not real, who knows? It could even be us in x amount of years travelling back in time. I just don't know. But don't take anything Robert Dean says as serious.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I don't think much about alien abductions and I'm not saying that it isn't so. However i am interested in ancient archeology and it does seem to indicate that extraterrestrials might have been here in the past. it's a curious topic and the sumerian tablets are fascinating so i believe in keeping and open mind.

  • Terry

    My life span pretty much covers the UFO phenomenon. That is about 66 years. (plus or minus)

    and my mother was a real UFO freak.

    In all that time no hard evidence has been presented while mountains of faked evidence has.

    I've seen things I could not explain. In other words, "Unidentified". They appeared to be flying and perhaps they were objects.

    How do you get from there to Flying Saucers with aliens?

    You don't.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Acluetofindtheuser, many, many, years ago the WTS used to say the star of Bethlehem was Satan. True.

    In 74 I was living in Nothern Calif. where stars are panoramically vivid. I was looking up at the stars one eving and noticed a "slow" moving star and I Knew it wasn't a shooting star as it was moving too slow. Suddenly, it shot off the left, and in another instant started making lightening speed menuvers in different directions, then shot off again in lightening speed into the universe. At first I thought it might be some type of airforce craft, but there's no way in hell the airforce had that type of technology in 74'. And, I was totally sober.

    yadda yadda 2 Thanx for posting....


  • bohm

    It's easy to just poo-poo the UFO thing

    specifically because:

    * The field is ripe with bullshit

    * there is no good evidence

  • MadGiant

    "The techology, time & distance for aliens to reach earth is too great.

    Practically everyone worldwide carrys a phone with a video camera, yet there is still not undisputable proof of aliens.

    Probably similar life on other earthlike planets. They just can't get to us and we can't get to them." - AlphaMan

    E=mc2 tells us that a little bit of mass equals a lot of energy. With means adding energy, to move forward, increases its mass. So the faster the traveler go, the more energy the object gains, and the more massive it becomes (this means traveler, ship and crew). The only way to make something infinitely massive go faster is to use an infinite amount of energy. And there isn't enough energy in the entire universe to move even a single atom past this threshold. (As far as I know)

    Now, we have another problem. Even though light can make the trip from here to the Sun in just eight minutes, on the scale of the universe that distance is absolutely nothing. Getting to Alpha Centauri, (is the closest star system to our own solar system) will take that traveler more than four years, going 300,000 kilometers a second.

    Then, their is time. Time will always seem to pass at the same rate for the traveler, but to an outside observer, like everyone here on Earth, time will appear to slow the faster the traveler go. So, figuring that this traveler expend a year or two at Alpha Centauri Bb to get anything done, that approximately two decade-long round trip for the traveler POV could easily mean 40-50 or more years of time here on Earth (give or take a few years). And that will be, traveling at half the speed of light.

    What I am trying to say is that even if we go out there, or they come here to us, it's a ONE WAY trip. By the time someone make it back, Knowledge and skills will be outdated. Technology will be obsolete.

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  • unstopableravens

    silly atheists believe in ufo and aliens but not Yahweh.

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