should I tell the CO my doubts?

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  • tiki

    why rock the know what their stance is, and that they are adamant in towing the company line. unless you have a need for a useless verbal duel, it just isn't really worth the effort. Plus - just walking away you are not giving them what they want - power over you. as soon as you start trying to communicate, they automatically feel powered up and superior. it's an individual decision, though - i personally have no interest or desire to engage any of them in any discussion of anything. my thoughts and feelings are my own and they are valid and no one or nothing runs my life for me.

    to each his own

  • rebel8

    To what end?

    If you don't want to be shunned, just turn in fake time cards and claim you are getting ALL your time in via incidental witnessing. If you need a cover story, disappear for a few hours and claim you got into a conversation with someone at Starbucks, or whereever. Make it a good one--what you talked about, how you expect them to show up at the public talk, etc.

    I would love to hear of someone either turning in exactly 6.66 hours per month, or turning in their time on an old-school punched time card (like factory workers used).

  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    Wow, Thanks for all the replies folks, talk about an anti-climax, he didn't work with me anyway!!

    I was ready in my mind to say something, that in itself is a big thing for me, it shows me I'm convinced in what I think and that I'm ready to defend myself if needs be. MILESTONE ALERT!

    YADDA YADDA 2 - I'm still bothering to go out cos my family is still in. I'm FADING dude, that's the situation!

    PRINCESSCYNIC - That's what I was hoping for, the possibility that when my questions go unanswered it may help my other half wake up a little.

    KATEWILD - i DO love her, she's really great but mislead like most of us were. I've kinda made my mind up to hang in there because she's the best thing in my whole life fo' shizzle! It'll be worth the wait, I've just got to get my hands (surreptitiously) on a copy of a Hassan book sometime..

    BLACK SHEEP - I'm reading into your comment that you've been betrayed and shunned by elders and family, and I'm REAL sorry to hear that. I appreciate your advice, and it may come back to bite me in the bum sometime if I don't heed it! I DO like the LAST ONE OUT advice though, it'd be perfect if we disappeared together.

    PHIZZY and CALEBS - Thanks for the advice, I'm being VERY careful, I know that I'm not going to incriminate myself, and tbh I don't care if I AM on their radar, as I suspect that I already AM! Just spending time on this board has helped me enormously to be able to think clearly. Ish!

    DANIEL1555 - it was an enormous relief to express doubts to my wife too, but it does kinda seem like a bit of an elephant in the room now. I'm definitely not gonna push the issue though, if she wants to talk I'm open to it..

    DESIGNS - blacklisting sounds like a GREAT step to have forced upon me! That would have been a plus point!

    Blondie - I'm sorry to hear that, and I value your advice very much.. I know that it would ultimately boil down to 'wait on Jehovah', it's an easy get out.. And likewise LAIKA..

    DING - I know what the phrases are that they'll want to hear, there's no way I could get DF'd for asking questions, I've been on the other side of the interrogator's chair! (to my shame). Being DF'd isn't on my timeline yet. I have a vague plan.

    SSPO - Sorry it didn't work out for you man, hope things are better for you now.. i AM taking my time, thank for your wishes.

    ABIBLESTUDENT - you're right. I did know. But merely having the confidence to be ready for it was a big step for me!

    OTWO - What you said was my ONLY concern. I really believe my wife's loyalty, if pushed, would be to me not the org. But letting a little more time go by first to allow me to sow seeds of doubt while building my own arsenal up too can't hurt.

    WESTIEBILLY11 - I suspect you're right. I'm just impatient!

    TIKI - I'm kinda hoping I can adopt that attitude eventually. At the moment I'm still too immersed in the whole way of life. It's all I know.

    and REBEL8 - I can't lie about time reporting, most of it is with my WIFE!!

    Anyway - it didn't happen. Thanks you lot, your replies keep me grounded. It's really getting me down not being able to actually TALK to someone about this utterly ridiculous game of heavily biased chess we play. I'll keep schtum for now.

    Anyone got a Hassan book on pdf?

  • rebel8

    Well then go out in fs acting as though you're the most enthusiastic dub to your peers, while giving the dumbest presentations at the doors (avoiding having anyone answer in the first place).

    Start presenting on old light and then say, "Wait a sec, I forgot, we don't believe that anymore. Here's what the truth is now..."

  • ABibleStudent

    Captain Blithering - Anyone got a Hassan book on pdf?

    Hi Captain Blithering, The next best thing to reading Steve Hassan's books is watching Steve Hassan's videos. The following three videos are on Steve Hassan's website Strategic Interactive Approach explained 2003 (1:23:23), NY Ethical Culture Society February 2013 (41:09), and NY Ethical Culture Society 2010 (40:56).

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • EverApostate

    IF you gradually fade off, not apostizing to anyone, they wont bother you after a few Nudges to return to the CULT. But if you cant resist the urge to tell people TTATT, then you are in danger. Danger in the sense, only if you have loved ones inside the cult, who may shun you. For option one here, you have many reasons to tell. Busy at Work and health Issues being the main.

  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    Hah, yep, my ministry is VERY basic right now!! Thanks Robert for those videos, I'll definitely check them out. I don't know if I can resist telling people. Or at least asking interesting questions. These are people I care about, I really wanna help them think for themselves... I know I've got to be careful for now. Thanks for the advice everyone. sorry for rehashing old stuff that's been covered many times before..

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You read that wrong Captain. I'm a never baptised born in and have never been shunned .... as far as I'm aware.

  • LisaRose

    Until you get Hassan' s book, go to, it's a brief summary of how groups use cult thinking, it will help you see what you are up against.

    I hope you have a successful fade.

    Lisa Rose

  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    Thanks lisa rose, i'll check that out... And sorry for jumping to conclusions black sheep, well done for never officially signing up to worship men!

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