They Stole My Sign!

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  • Frenchy

    Bill: I don't think you are listening.
    Please look again:

    **Could it have been teens out on a Friday night, being mischievous? Does it HAVE TO be “they” (a JW)? **

    **While they possess legitimate reason to steal the sign, it does not make us any better than them to pass judgment and automatically be certain it was the local JW who committed the theft.**

    ++I agree with teejay and Reborn. When I first read Bill's post, I was inclined to think it could have been drunken idiots, or bored kids who might want to use it as a skateboard ramp. **

    **Bill, (Love you man) Just some advice. Before you go off and assume that it was the JW's, take it from me, kids will do that sort of thing. **

    Don't allow yourself to get into a rut again. People will not take you seriously if you are not more responsible in your accusations. It's plain to see what is happening here. This is very similar to your previous thread about the girls that were molested. You got upset when people did not start immediately slapping you on the back and congratulating you for that bit of unpleasant news.

    Don't let this consume your life. Do what you can but remember that it is extremely unlikely that you bring down the WTBS with his stuff. Look at what's happening to the Catholic Church now. They will survive it. The WTBS will not get one percent of the bad publicity that the Catholics are getting and guess what? They will survive also.

  • silentlambs

    I find it interesting how a simple joke post can be turned into a vendetta against wt. I simply made a suggestion based in circumstantial evidence. I have never suggested any desire to destroy the wt organization. We simply require the change of wt policy to protect children.

    Regarding the earlier post, when I posted a news story about a bethelite who molested two 13 years old girls for several years, certain ones did not read the story carefully and began to sympathize with the child molester. When people do this publicly it insults the victims as well as defends a confessed child molester. In defense of the victims I offered response as I would to anyone who chooses to support child molesters. It had little to do with slaps on the back or a desire for personal praise.


  • Frenchy

    Dear Bill:
    I think there are a lot of people who appreciate what you are doing in behalf of victims of child molestation. It’s a noble thing in which to be involved. I for one applaud your efforts in their behalf. That being said it thus places a great responsibility upon you (considering the eyes that are upon you now) to behave in a manner consistent with one exercising more than the usual good judgment…in my opinion.

    **I find it interesting how a simple joke post can be turned into a vendetta against wt**

    I think that you are intelligent enough to understand the thrust of my post. I don’t think for one minute that your post was a ‘simple joke post’.

    **I simply made a suggestion based in circumstantial evidence.**

    Here are your words: ** For those at WT reading this I just want to say, "Thank you for the extra publicity and now I can get a bigger sign."**

    Come on, Bill. That’s more than a suggestion. (smile) Anyway, they say a word to the wise is sufficient. My best to you and yours.

  • TR


    connect your next sign to a small explosive that blows ink at the perpetrator. Sort of like banks do with die packs.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    OOOOO!! i was just going to say that!!!!!!That stuff never comes out!I'm sure your suspicions are correct and if not... what the hell?you've got some more publicity for the victims- you don't have to accuse anyone of the theft... just explain the sign, it's meaning and why it is important to have it back...As for the replacements-the possibilities are endless ar'nt they- the more often it is stolen the more outrageous they can become! we can all send you some money to 'improve ' them! JUST ASK XXX


    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,.......A SIGN FOR A SIGN!

    Bill you need to take it upon yourself and go to NYC and get your very own sign from the WTBTS that promotes the 'WATCHTOWER'. You know the one close to the bridge, that says something like 'read your Bible daily'(or was that read your watchtower daily). Yes sir, once the WT people notice that it is gone, you know that the first thing they are gonna do is blame that good for nothing appostate, child molester protecter BILL BOWEN. Yep, they'll have their legal dept. and investigators snooping around 'ole Bill' like flies on horse hockey.

    What do you think of the sign for a sign proposal?

    Hi Bill and family.


  • sf

    " thus places a great responsibility upon you (considering the eyes that are upon you now) to behave in a manner consistent with one exercising more than the usual good judgment…in my opinion." (Mine too)

    Exactly. What's it say about you here in this thread Bill concerning my daughter?:


    You never answered me in the post either. I can only conclude you think I deserved this, thus MY DAUGHTER is to be punished for my "insults hurled" as you put it. In other words, she will "have it coming", right?

    Were you in the room that night sir? What name under yahoo do you use other than the one you have as email?

    Do you sit in the yahoo jwchatrooms spying? I'm really curious now why you would respond/react the way you did about something you stand against...child rape.

    Bad judgement Mr. Ex Presiding Overseer.

    Eyes ARE upon you, now.


    If man was supposedly created in gods image, then.....holy krap...we're all doomed.-sKallyWagger

    “What a blessing such integrity keepers are to the congregation!”(5/15/02 WT magazine, pg. 27)

  • Solace

    Some say,
    "The neighbors could have stolen the sign"
    I guess it could be possible.

    Wheels turning,,,

    Maybe I should go steal that ugly, rusty, junk filled trailor that our neighbor parks behind his house, completely out of his view but in our full view while my family is relaxing on our deck.


  • Solace

    My previous post was not intended to be taken seriously.
    I would never steal it.
    I suppose there would be no harm in rolling it onto his front porch.
    Oh Yea,
    That would be trespassing.

    Anyone know where I can get a large privacy fence??

  • biblexaminer

    You really need to worry when the dubs come to your home late one night, wearing hoods, and they burn a great BIG Watchtower ICON on your front lawn.

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