The Signs of the Declines

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  • blondie

    No growth in my area over 20 years...the last CO came through and said that based on the population there should be 2 more congregations. There has been just a Spanish "group" for over 30 years, never progressing. One elder died, one moved away, and the other was df'd. The ASL group puttered away because out of 20 people only 2 people were truly deaf. They never made any converts. They underestimated the non-jw deaf community here that are quite close and supportive. A group of jws were organized to focus on the substantial Asian population...not a one has ever been baptized as a jw. And the carts, around here jws still stand around talking with each other and standing mute next to them.

  • besty

    mute people targetting deaf people - sounds like a plan...

  • wasblind

    Some halls that are used now will be sold ( For example one in the Netherlands that was used for 40 years ). The money will be used for the new halls . The bigger new halls will serve for decades to come."_____emeth

    LOL. That sounds like a long term plan from a "religion " that

    claims the end is so close

    What you have shown, is that this religious cult

    uses doomsday for monetary gain



  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    A lot of detroit halls were disolved because they couldn't afford the 'renovation scam' now it is spreading to the burbs and rural areas. A hall in ypsilanti was recently disolved.

  • Sapphy

    No new english speaking congregations since the late 80's in my area of the UK. A few new foreign language groups which are now being merged back into the english.

  • joe134cd

    In all honesty the one that has merged in the area I live in, was not because of a lack of witnesses but because of people moving away from rural areas into the cities.

  • blondie

    Yes, decrease because people move away and then at the congregation they move to tell everyone what an increase they having in their congregation....I always ask if they are newly baptized jws, not children of jws in the congregation or jw move ins. In my last congregation, in the last 20 years they have never had anyone new except baptized children and move-ins. 20 years of d2d and nada.

  • Bugbear

    The last babtism that my old cong. could achive (about 40 publs.) was 10 years ago when one man with some sort of "diagnose" asked för Babtizm.

    Since then, none from "our district" has showed any intrest in becoming a JW. In fact these 40 publishers should have dropped down, if not the Soc. had send piooneers and new people "kicked out" from our newly closed branch office.


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