My Mom

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  • AlanF

    Your mom was gorgeous, Nikita! I'm sorry you feel so sad.

    I can't find the lyrics online, but a song about the death of one's mom that never fails to bring tears to my eyes is "You May Be Gone" by Paul Hardcastle (The Jazzmasters, Vol. 1). It has a few words from the grandkids, like "We miss you, Nanny" that just breaks me up.


  • Nikita

    Thanks Lilacs!

    Alan F-
    Do you recall any more of the lyrics to that song?
    Thanks for the encouragement!


  • Billygoat

    Being DFed I have a pretty non-existant relationship with my dad and step-mom. I don't know my natural mother. But I wonder if anything happened to my daddy or step-mom, if I would really be that sad. I know you can't say for sure until the moment is "here", but unfortunately, I don't think I'd be that upset. I've got other people in my life that are more parents to me than my natural parents ever were.

  • SEAKEN2001


    what a beautiful lady. My heart goes out to you. I lost my mom only 8 months ago. She was also a beautiful lady.


  • AlanF

    All I can remember, Nikita, is something like, "You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten." When I get home tonight I'll type them in from the album insert.


  • flower


    I feel the same way. I wonder how I'd feel, I doubt there'd be any tears at all. Its a shame really.


  • AlanF

    Nikita, here are the lyrics. Hardcastle's mom died of cancer in 1991.

    You May Be Gone: Paul Hardcastle

    In loving memory this song is for you.
    One special lady, so warm and true.
    You'd always show me how much you cared.
    In times of trouble you'd always be there.
    And for your children you did all you could.
    You made my life happy and good.

    Then came the news, it cut like a knife.
    It was the coldest day of my life.
    It seems that time was not on your side.
    Your right to live had been denied.

    You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.
    You may be gone, but I still think about you often.

    I don't know how, I can't say when.
    But I know that one day we'll meet again.
    Maybe in heaven where you made your home.
    You're with the angels, not on your own.

    You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.
    You may be gone, but I still think about you often.

    And now I'm lookin' at your picture.
    It's hard to believe I won't see you no more.
    But I'm gonna say thank you the only way I can.
    By keep on telling you again and again.

    You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.
    (I'm gonna miss you)
    You may be gone, but I still think about you often.

    From when I wake up, till I go to sleep.
    These memories I'll always keep.
    The stairway to heaven you have now climbed.
    Eternal peace I hope you'll find.

    You may be gone, (you may be gone)
    But you'll never be forgotten
    (you'll never be forgotten).
    You may be gone, (you may be gone)
    But I still think about you often.

    You may be gone, (you may be gone)
    You may be gone, hey.
    You may be gone, but I won't forget you, no.

    I hope somehow this song will get through.
    To let you know, let you know,
    We're still thinkin' of you.
    We're thinkin' of you.

    I don't know how, I can't say when.
    But I know, yes I know, I'm gonna see you again.

    You may be gone
    You've climbed the stairway
    But you'll never be forgotten
    To heaven-- hey.

    Nanny, we miss you a lot and we're all thinking about you.
    Nanny, we all miss you. We still think about you.
    Nanny I love you. Love, Hayley.
    And we'll never forget you. Love from Maxine.

    Never be forgotten, never be forgotten.
    You may be gone, you may be gone, hey ...

  • LDH


    Your mother is not gone. Only her body. She is with you every day. I do like Paul Hardcastle, but the songs I like best is this one. I'm glad my mom is alive, but since we don't have a relationship she has made herself dead to me.

    "Sadie" by the Spinners

    In a world like today
    It’s a rare occasion to be able
    To see young mothers like the ones
    That were around when I grew up
    But they live on in memory
    To quite a few of us
    And this song is dedicated
    To those who cherish that memory

    Early one Sunday morning
    Breakfast was on the table
    There was no time to eat
    She said to me, “Boy, hurry to Sunday school”

    Filled with her load of glory
    We learned the Holy story
    She’ll always have her dreams
    Despite the things this troubled world can bring

    Oh, Sadie
    Don’t you know we love you
    Sweet Sadie
    Place no one above you

    Sweet Sadie (Well, well, well)
    Living in the past
    Some times it seems so funny
    But no money will turn your life around

    Sweeter than cotton candy
    Stronger than papa’s old brandy
    Always that needed smile
    Once in awhile she would break down and cry

    Some times she’d be so happy
    Just being with us and daddy
    Standing the worst of times
    Breaking the binds with just a simple song

    Oh, Sadie (Oh, Sadie, baby)
    Don’t you know we love you (She’ll love us all in a special way)
    Sweet Sadie (Well, well, well)
    Place no one above you

    Sweet Sadie (Sweet Sadie livin’ in the past)
    Living in the past
    Oh, she’s never sinnin’
    In love she’s always winnin’, yeah

    Sadie (My, my, my, my, my)
    Don’t you know we love you (I love you, mama)
    Sweet Sadie
    Place no one above you (I just can’t forget)

    Sweet Sadie (How you gave me love, oh, Lord)
    Living in the past
    If there’s a heaven up above
    I know she’s teaching angels how to love

    Sadie (It’s a mean world without you)
    Don’t you know we love you
    Sweet Sadie (All the love you showed)
    Place no one above you (Oh, I could never, ever doubt her lovely word)

    Sweet Sadie
    Living in the past
    Ain’t it funny that in the end it’s not money
    It’s just the love you gave us all

  • Nikita

    ((((Seaken)))) So sorry to hear about your Mom.

    ((((Billygoat, flower, LDH))))

    I'm sorry that you don't have that bond with your Mom. It must hurt deeply at times. I was fortunate that when I left, Mom did also-just biggsy and one of my other brothers remained ("inactive" at the time). My Dad was never a JW and neither was my youngest brother.

    By the time I had married, Biggs and the other bro' were very active-it was a difficult situation, to say the least. Biggs always tried his best to keep the relationship open, but the other one, well it is sad, you all know.

    Thank you LDH and Alan for the lyrics!! They sure do pull at the heart-strings, don't they?


  • LyinEyes

    I love the songs you all posted , they brought tears to my eyes. As I have said before my mother decided to end her own life when she was just 35 yrs old, the same age I am now. I feel I am just beginning to understand her, even thou she has been gone from my life for so long. One of her favorite movies was "The Way We Were"
    with Robert Redford . She also loved the song that went with the movie by the same title. Her favorite verse was......."what's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. But it's the laughter , we will remember , whenever we remember , the way we were". Sometimes I think she made me listen to her songs , so she could let me know how she was feeling, when she couldnt say it on her own. She always dedicated the song , by Dolly Parton, "I Will Always Love You" , to me. I didnt understand at the time why she felt so strongly about these songs , now I do. I wish she knew that I finally understand. I too hope she is in heaven, if not , at least we can be together someday , somewhere. I have alot of catching up to do with her. So many more songs I want to tell her about. :)

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