A typical day in the life of an awaken JW

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  • suavojr

    Today is Saturday and you all know what that means. Today is the day for our special WORLDWIDE EVENT of our new tract number 38. Luckily our (sales route) sorry... our preaching was rained out.

    Now you may ask how can I stomach the WT propaganda and be able to take the group out in service, still give public talks, comment, etc? Very simple answer, LOVE. Love for my wife and daughters, love for my elderly mother-in-law that will break her heart to know TTATT and the hope that one day my family might see TTATT just as I did once.

    My parents are a lost cause but that is another thread...

    You see, I don't owe the WT anything! I am going to play this mental game the same way they do. I am going to put up a nice poker face and bluff. I am going to use each opportunity to strengthen my senses and slowly help my family escape.

    Today was an interesting day, woke up at 6am with a huge headache and took some aleve. At 6:30am my wife said, "let's go out preaching" so we did. 7:30am we are at a Walmart parking-lot. A car with some young brothers from our KH were already present. They went to eat at 7:42am. Never came back...

    My wife and I stayed in the car profiling people to see if they looked hispanic lol. 8am my wife's best friend showed up and at 8:50am we went to Dunkin Donuts. It started to rain at 9am and therefore I took the sister back to her car and we all went home. My wife said when we got home, "how nice that we were able to preach for at least one hour" yet we did not speak with a SINGLE PERSON.

    It sure is a life saving work.

  • Comatose

    That's hilarious. I used to be just like her. Thought my wated time was valuable. The worst excuse was "the angels see us and are encouraged even when no one is reached".

  • suavojr

    WoW! I remember saying that exact line in a public talk in reference to first century christians dying for their beleifs. Now I just want to ask if angels get encouraged or get turned on watching us die?

  • ILoveTTATT

    Suavojr, you've got balls man... I really feel for you... in this fading game, it is not easy to KNOW ttatt and at the same time try to pretend that you are a good JW. I've had to go out in serve-us and I am thankful that we only do an hour, and even then, we don't find anyone at home. I am grateful that I don't find anyone at home.

    You might want to try preaching just using the Bible, unless that would make too much of a hassle.

    Anyways... side point: See my latest thread. Wouldn't you agree that it would be sort of an insult to a Spanish Congregation that the CO came and saw your congregation and recommended as a "Local needs" part that the congregation should be "more loving"?

  • Crazyguy

    I just couldnt do it, tried to go and all but just could not listen to all the crap at the meetings. And preaching i was trying to think of way to just share the nessage of christ with people using only a bible and no mags ect., but then i thought what if it was successful I surely didnt want anyone to become interested in becoming a JW so i just stoped.

  • confusedandalone

    "sure is a life saving work."

    lol, you gotta love it

  • suavojr


    It is not easy but don't forget that some WT heavies know TTATT and they keep the act going because of all they have invested in the Borg. I don't care about the so called JW prominence but I will play my cards with caution.


    Yes, it is difficult and hard for me but I just keep thinking about the outcome... FREEDOM!


    What a great delusion people in religion live in! When you study the JW history you find out things like back in Rutherford's day the JW's did not preach and they only went door to door playing a freaking recording!!! Talk about imitating the first century christians lol Now we will soon be walking around showing tablets and smartphones!

  • rebel8

    Funny story.

    I don't get the comment about profiling people?

  • suavojr


    It is just a comment among minorities, we always say that the authorities are profiling us to pull us over to arrest us. I just find it also ironic that we say we are loving christians but judge people based on what they look like.

  • L3G

    I've gotta ask! If you are in "the club," that is, you're an elder, how do you deal with DFing someone who's guilty of a "crime" that you don't believe to really be a crime any more?

    If you're not in the club, then do you keep the command not to associate with those who are DFed or disassociated for knowing and acting upon TTATT? If you don't, but secretly still associate with such a one because you love him or her, do you fear the ax coming down on you and thus harming your wife and kids?

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