A typical day in the life of an awaken JW

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  • suavojr

    lo jgnat! I am in sales for my full time job and I am always reading people's body language, profiling the clothes, how they walk, color of the skin etc... sometimes I am spot on and sometimes I miss.

  • bemused

    laverite said: 'When they walk door to door, they walk so slowly you'd think they were in a Matrix like slow-motion movie scene.'

    lol. As a never-in, I've always been puzzled when I've observed the stop-start shuffle that JWs use on their occassional visits to my street. I thought it was perhaps some religious ritual but it seems it's all about maximising time while minimising brush-offs.

  • suavojr


    When I first started pionerring I was told to slow down because we needed to extend the time in service. I thought my goal was to talk with many people as I could but I was wrong.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    "how nice that we were able to preach for at least one hour" yet we did not speak with a SINGLE PERSON.

    DO ya thang man do yo thang!


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