Do You Still Wear "Meeting" Clothes?

by minimus 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • jgnat

    I've had church clothes for over thirty years. I blend in. Well maybe not completely.

  • KWJoe

    haven't worn a suit in over ten years....I'm a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops kind of guy

  • Over%forme

    Couldn't stand to look at them so

    had a garage sale.

  • minimus

    those clothes are like bad reminders for some. My suits are worth some big bux. I'm not getting rid of them just because I was a Witness!

  • wakingup60

    Cant stand the thought of wearing mine..gave them away .De-clutering my mind, my wardrobe and all my watchtower

    and awake mags went inside the bin. I am now reading books and educating myself.

  • cantleave

    I still wear them when I am visiting customers.....

  • LongHairGal


    You don't have to get rid of expensive clothing if they still fit and look good.

    Why not try wearing some of them to occasions now and superimpose a new memory to these particular outfits. I have a particularly nice coat I used to wear to the memorial and instead of throwing it out, I am going to wear it again to other places. If you work in an office like me, then you can wear these suits.

    The only things I got rid of from my JW days are some particularly dowdy or overly-long dresses I felt compelled to wear because I was scrutinized and didn't want to look "sexy".

    Now, I only wear longer, stylish dresses for the summer (no stockings) when I don't want my white legs to show. Has nothing to do with modesty. Rest of the year I wear shorter lengths with hose.

    Everything in my closet is up-to-date.

  • Sapphy

    Haven't worn a frumpy mid calf length skirt for months.

  • DeWandelaar

    Only when applying for a job (anyone need a killer salesman in NL)? I could even sell my mother if she was still alive!

  • minimus

    lhg, very nice!

    cantleave, u look like a hitman.

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