Knowledge by Proxy

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  • braincleaned

    //I may remind you of your words here, at some point, lol.//


    Of course, you do know that I refer to his words as I would to the words of Little Red Riding Hood.
    He is the reference here, not that I believe in him.

    But yes, it is important not to go beyond what is written, or amalgam what Paul said about the spiritual armor to Jesus words!
    If we go that direction, there are much more references to literal swords.

    As I have said, it is your interpretation of an otherwise clear statement of Christ (who by the way also told Peter that those who live by the sword shall die by that sword)!!!

    A sword means a sword, and the truth means the truth. Why would Jesus be purposely unclear to everyone except those he chooses to reveal his true intent?
    It makes no sense at all! Again, our bloody history did in fact prove him right. Also, Revelation portrays Jesus with a literal sword too, and he is not coming to preach truth anymore...

    You are picking and choosing, backing up with the unverifiable and unlikely claim that he speaks directly to you.
    Can you see what most of us see here? ;)

  • braincleaned

    I will also add a spin on his own words, and state that anyone who asks me to follow him even if it means rejecting my mother or daughter — is not worthy of me.

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