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  • unstopableravens

    Dear Elders at%^** Congregation, November 1, 2013

    As you know I’ve been a member of your congregation for many years. Throughout the last several years I have had the opportunity to get to know many of you personally and I can truly say I have love for all of you. Many of you know why I chose to step aside as a servant awhile ago. I was very up front and honest with you about what was going on. When I got baptized I was unaware of a lot of doctrine from the bible that I now understand. This is my fault for not testing every inspired expression {1 st John 4:1}. I do believe a few of you care about me personally. I have found it sad, while I was going through this, some other elders seem to care more about clothes and appearances, but that is what it is.

    As you are very well aware Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that they are God’s people and anyone else can only find salvation if they align themselves with their organization. Many meetings, assemblies, district conventions, publications speak about other religions being false. Especially has this been the case with the Catholic Church. Now this is where I see so much hypocrisy. There are millions more Catholics around the world as Jehovah’s Witnesses, who uphold and believe doctrine which is not biblical. Such as the use of idols {1 st John 5:21}. Mary as intercessor {1 st Tim. 2:5}, and a lot more that is known. As a Catholic who is shown these false doctrines, if they stick with their church, they are considered not a lover of truth.

    For the last several years I have seen many of the same things with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have sat down with many of you and talked about doctrinal issues. I have seen that the response is much the same as with Catholics who trusts that God is using his religion, so it doesn’t matter if he is wrong on doctrine. Even one of you, when we spoke about Jesus not being Michael the Arch angel,( I gave biblical reasons why it would be impossible for Jesus to be Michael), told me that you had your own questions. But the real question was, do I trust the faithful slave, which is my point. Jehovah’s Witnesses regard religion greater than truth, this is very sad to me. The bible says: God is looking for ones to worship with spirit and truth, not spirit and religion.

    There are so many doctrines that when I studied I noticed were different from the bible. Preaching about God’s Kingdom but not teaching people what Jesus said was a requirement to enter into that Kingdom is like telling people there is a cure for cancer but they can never have it. In John chapter 3 Jesus makes it very clear what has to happen for “anyone” to enter or see the Kingdom of God {john 3:1-7 (which refers to being born again)}. So how can Matthew 7:21-23 be used as applying to Jehovah’s Witnesses as they are the one’s doing Jehovah’s will, when it says “enter the Kingdom”? The bible is clear, there are only two outcomes: Enter the kingdom or to be outside the kingdom. Matthew 8:12 shows that outside the kingdom there is only darkness. It is clear there is no salvation without entering Gods kingdom.

    I believe that a person is naturally a child of wrath. When one is born he is not a child of God {Ephesians 2:1-8}. There are only two families {1 st John 3: 9-10}. Since we are born not a child of God what happens to a person for them to be a child of God? {John 1: 12-13}every person has to be born again to b a child of God. There is no other way. Even the Watchtower says that being a child of God is only for people who have been born again, so if you are not born again who are you a child of? Psalms 37 is used alot stating: “The righteous themselves shall possess the earth”. Compare this to 1 st John 2:29. What is required for a person to be righteous, or even practice righteousness?

    Witnesses point to John 13: 35 as love being the identifying mark of true Christians. I agree that love is. Love is a lot more than not killing and not having racial tension. Please read 1 st John 4:7. Everyone who loves has been born from God. So how can this apply to Jehovah’s Witnesses when most admit to not being born of God? Please do not dismiss these verses because every word of God is pure {Proverbs 30:5-6}. To me it is about what is a person’s final authority, man’s word or God’s? For many it is easier to believe what a religion teaches because they don’t make the time to do research or they may feel they are not smart enough to understand the bible without religion. The bible tells us that both reasons are not valid. The Bereans were noble for making sure what they heard and believed was the truth {Acts17:11} Jehovah says that if anyone is lacking in wisdom He gives generously to all {James 1:5}.

    I decided to trust JEHOVAH over man and my decision is nothing personal against anyone, I cannot and will not be a hypocrite and preach what I know to be error. I hope in time each of you will understand why I can no longer be identified as part of the Watchtower Organization. Each of us will render an account on how we respond to the words of Jesus {John 12: 48}. I just ask that if what I wrote in this letter is off and not true than ignore everything I said, but if it is true I just ask that you pray and trust God at His word!



  • KateWild

    Thats ace, print it out twice and stick it on the notice board in the KH too LOL! But you don't seem like the kind of person to advertise your feelings, chin up are free now, congratulations! - Kate xx

  • unstopableravens

    kate i should have done it yesterday, because oct 31 1517 was when martin posted his 95 thesis on the rcc door!

  • AlphaMan

    Very good letter.

    My advise.....shorten it, shorten it, shorten it. Two to three paragraphs at the most.

    You need to hit them fast before their mind closes.

    Good luck.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My advise.....shorten it, shorten it, shorten it. Two to three paragraphs at the most.

    I agree.

    Average BOE: 7 men

    Judical Committee: 3 men

    Those who will actually read this: MAYBE 1

    All they really want is something to put in the "sealed envelope" to document that they can announce "USR is no longer one of JWs".

    That's it. Done deal.

    Frankly, I think turning in a Letter of DA is still playing by THEIR rules. It accommodates THEM. Makes it easier on THEM.

    But if it's important for YOU to do it? Have at it!


    The real priority will be: Let's hurry, our wives are waiting out in the KH auditorium. Let's all get some burgers and beer.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Good luck with the letter. Congratulations on your decision. Enjoy the freedom.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I agree with ALPHAMAN - try to state Bible truths which the Org's doctrines dismiss. That way, they cannot vilify you to friends and relatives as being a raving apostate.

    Pick your crystal clear Scriptures carefully, and get them to think about what they believe, rather than them focussing on what you don't believe!

    Otherwise their eyes and minds will switch off!

    P.S. Why D.A. yourself? Why not simply ask these 'spiritually' qualified men to explain one or two false doctrines to you?

  • unstopableravens

    searcher: as i stated in the letter i have, i have disussed : being born again(or lack thereof) who is jesus(micheal). jesus resurrection(bodily or invisible) false prophecies. two class system. i have talked alot the last few years. even thou i have not gone to the meeting in a long long time.

  • KateWild

    What are your reasons for handing them the letter? Many find closure. It helps them to move on. How about you unstopable? Kate xx

  • unstopableravens

    hey kate: i have a few reasons. one reason is because i am going to a church and im getting baptized sunday, i want to cut ties 1oo % not 95%. the bible says to have nothing to do with the works of darkness but expose it (eph5:8-11). so i think it will be best for me to be know as not a jw. point two is my wife is still a jw. i want her to see that i am what i believe. i do not want her to see me speak about christ and truth but still have alittle tie to what i consider to be wrong.

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