Can I DA myself in a newspaper?

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  • LB

    Oh what fun that would be. I have no desire to DA myself at this time, but if I do I think I'll follow your lead. I'd love to see a draft of this announcement.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Here's another thought - there's no reason this has to be limited to one notice in one local newspaper - if your finances allowed it, you could have a notice appear in the LA Times, The Boston Hearald, the New York Post, the Times of London, etc., etc., etc. You could have a notice published every month in a different paper in a different city.

    I think the idea of including mention of is GREAT!

  • outnfree

    Why not?

    It's a splendid idea! Wish I'd thought of it first!


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  • peaceloveharmony

    haha great idea! would be neat if a few hundred (or thousand) jws and exes ran a notice all on the same sunday

  • orangefatcat

    Great idea. I know of a case where a disfellowshipped daughter placed an obituary in the newspaper and had flowers delivered to her parents. Now that is putting a nail in the coffin.

  • teejay

    JT had a good (not to mention hilarious) idea here:

    I would sit down and write my letter and point out the reasons why- flip-flops, dates, and alternative service. Blood., the UN "THANG" ETC.

    But I would not send it to MO, LARRY AND CURLY-- O NO that would make it too easy for WT.

    I would make the WT work for this damn DA- smile . I would send it straight to the Legal Dept addressed to Carolyn Wah, or Phillip Brumley or Big William Bell-

    I would also CC: copies to all the Local Religious Editors of papers here in DC

    Wash Post , Wash Times and esp the small local community papers that are just looking for stuff to fill up the void in those papers—SMILE—

  • mustang

    Bingo!!! What if you beat them to the punch, do a 'pre-emptive strike'?

    There is more to this idea than meets the eye.

    What if one REPUDIATED their DF'ing in public legal notice????

    What if you can't sue the WTS over a DF'ing??? What if they are hiding behind a law that YOU CAN EQUALLY HIDE BEHIND??? What if you REPUDIATE the DF'ing & they are stuck with your protest???


    Or, what if you bailed before the ~84 baptism question change? So you don't pledge allegiance to the WTS; what if you wanted to announce that?

    What if you felt it was your religious duty to periodically announce such feelings? What if you were a church of even as few as one person, and this was your religious charter?

    What if you were just following your religious conscience doing this??

    What if this gets you the same religious recognition as a LARGE church??


    What does a Legal Notice ad cost?



    "It is axiomatic that the guidance of the state cannot substitute for that of the Holy Spirit and that a courtroom is not the place to review a church's determination of 'God's appointed.'"
    Rayburn v. Gen. Conf. of Seventh-Day Adventists, 772 F2d 1164, 1170 (4thCir 1985).

    "The reason for this ECCLESIASTICAL ABSTENTION DOCTRINE rests squarely with the non-secular nature of the subject matter of the dispute:
    The law knows no heresy, and is committed to the support of no dogma, the establishment of no sect. The right to organize voluntary religious associations to assist in the expression and dissemination of any religious doctrine, and to create tribunals for the decision of the contravened questions of faith within the association, and for the
    ecclesiastical GOVERNMENT of the individual members, congregations, and officers within the general association, is unquestioned. ALL WHO UNITE THEMSELVES TO SUCH A BODY DO SO WITH AN IMPLIED CONSENT TO THIS GOVERNMENT, AND ARE BOUND TO SUBMIT TO IT. But it would be a vain con-sent and would lead to the total subversion of such religious bodies, if any one aggrieved by one of their decisions could appeal to the secular courts and have them reversed. It is the essence of these religious unions, and of their right to establish tribunals for the decision of questions arising among themselves, that those decisions should be binding of questions arising among themselves, that those decisions should be binding in all cases of ecclesiastical cognizance, subject only to such appeals as the organization itself provides for."
    Id. at 710-11, 96 SCt at 2381, 49 LEd2d at 163-4 (citing Watson v. Jones, 13 Wall 679, 728-29, 20 LEd 666 (1872)).

    All that I write or utter is considered to be protected by religious freedom under the Constitution of the United States, as the "free exercise" and "freedom of speech" clauses.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Well if you have no ties and you do not care if you are shunned, go ahead da yourself in any fashion you wish. If you do not wish to be shunned by family and friends, do not DA yourself.

    In any case why da yourself at all? They wanted me to write a letter to my former church. I figured, why waste the time. My sister asked me about writing to the same church. I told her since neither of us knew where it was at, and they certainly didn't know where we were at, what was the point? And even if they did know where we were at so what?

    Since I didnt follow their rules when i was a member, why follow them now that I am not a member. Furthermore since I am not a member, I do not need to disassociate myself. As to being shunned, the only one of consequence that would or could shun me is my wife and I should pray for that day.

    I would rather be disfellowshipped and then just kindly ignore their rules. I have stated before that if I were disfellowshipped, I would go to the hall, sit down front, sing the loudest, talk to everyone, involve myself in conversations, smile a lot, shake peoples hands and so forth. I dont really mind to be shunned, doesnt bother me. Hell half of yall shun me here anyhow. And far worse things have been said about me by non-witnesses and ex-witnesses than were ever said about me by witnesses...if I can bear yall I could easily bear them.

    Let's see, three wives, seven concubines, nine slave girls, and twenty-seven black nazi female body guards. I've only got forty-five women to go and my cult is complete

  • Yerusalyim

    Can ya do it in a "Letter to the Editor" forum? It would get more eye time than an ad will.

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  • LizardSnot

    LMAO! I say "do it"...Just think you could be the first one to ever DA yourself in the classifieds.


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