Can I DA myself in a newspaper?

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  • Preston

    Sorry Meat Pie, but don't think many JW's are that keen on even picking up a newspaper and reading it. Particularly in the editorials. Besides, why would they want other people telling them what to think anyway... I have had a ton of stuff posted in the newspaper supporting a lot of JW no-no's, and I doubt any of them have really noticed... Although, if you pay the WBTS enough money, maybe they'll listen just enough to post it in really tiny letters on the insert of the Watchtower. That'll do the trick.

  • Satanus

    Just for the fun of negative publicity, a person could pick a ficticious name and use that in the announcement. If he wanted to create havock, a person could use the name of a jw he didn't like. heh heh Umm, could a person be sued for that?


  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Thanks very much all of you for your replies. My husband said he would work to pay for the notice(s). If I get DFd I'll definately do it. If I decide to DA I'll most likely do it. Elders keep on asking can they come and see me, see how I'm getting on. I always say. yes fine, just ring first, but none have been now for about 6 months. pity I have a very interesting file of UN stuff they might like to see.HA!After that the ad would be in.I f I do it I'll most certainly let you all know.

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