$300 deficit in the KH of Rowland Heights, CA

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  • Imbue

    No, the Catholic Church doesn't need money they are extremely wealthy. How do you suppose they became so wealthy? Do you think their hands are clean?

    Yes, I agree when a people claim to be superior then they are held to higher level of scrutiny. So, in my book the WT and the catholic Church are no better that the other.

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • bluesapphire

    Sigh ... Imbue, the Catholic Church as a whole may have a lot of money but each local parish takes care of itself. Some money each year goes to the diocese and the functions it performs.

    The point I made is that NO NONE ZIP ZILCH churches could survive without money.

    Many churches use their money for worthwhile things.

    When I was a JW I was being abused by my husband. Plus he was bringing drugs into the house where my babies were exposed to it. I called the elders and asked for assistance. They told me to go get welfare. As if welfare was going to solve all of my problems

    Well, instead I called Catholic Charities. They offered to get me a place where I could go and stay with my babies while I did something to help myself and my situation. They also offered to provide free counseling services since I was obviously a battered woman.

    What about all of the Catholic universities there are? Could they run without money? What about the hospitals?

    Again, what I'm trying to point out is that there is nothing wrong with churches asking for money. The problem and the difference is that some churches use the money for good and others do not.

    What good has the Watchtower Society done for society? Nada!

    They have ripped families to shreds, prevented people from getting decent educations, sucked the life out of its adherents by forcing them to donate their most valuable possession - their time - to an unreasonable degree.

    So when they have a congregation that cannot even meet its own expenditures and yet they refuse to give that congregation the "food" that it needs unless they pay up. That's really bad. Especially considering that they DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help their members.

    You can't compare that to the Catholic church or almost any other church unless it's another cult.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    a very interesting topic. It looks like,
    concerning " contributions " that everywhere it is the same.

    Bluesapphire: "they refuse to give that congregation the "food" that it needs unless they pay up. That's really bad. Especially considering that they DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help their members."

    You have stated a true fact, but please allow me a small
    amendment : not " they refuse " but rather "they withhold"
    ...it sound more like "WTBS legal department terminology".

    Thanks and greetings J.C.MacHislopp

  • Yerusalyim


    You said,

    "I find it hard to believe that you both were not charged for the use of the Church for your wedding. Since it is the custom in my area for the Churches to charge fees."
    Well, believe it, I wasn't charged a dime. In fact the subject NEVER came up.

    You said,

    And I think your wrong it's mostly Catholics that play bingo at their church. Well, who gets the money from the Bingo but the Catholic Church of course.
    Well, I used to work these bingo games, I come from a small town, I knew most of the people, most were NOT Catholic. less than 1/3 were Catholic in fact. Also, it wasn't the Church that got the money, it was the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Men's organization. The Church has ZERO control on how the KofC spends it's money. (By the way, we give the money to charities to Pro-Lie Organizations, The Special Olympics, Hostpitals, etc etc etc.)

    You said,

    And how do you pass up those baskets every time without embarrassment?
    Easy, how did you pass up the Collection Boxes everytime without embarrassment?

    Further, you said,

    If you want the Catholic Chuch to pray for you they charge you...ever heard of prayer cards.
    The Catholic Church DOES NOT charge for prayers, in fact it specifically prohibits charging for prayer. Sometimes it does require a usage fee because of Insurance regulations, etc or to cover actual costs, but not for profit.

    You think the Church has a lot of money? No, it has a lot of Art Work, property, etc, it does NOT have a lot of Cash Flow, the Vatican's Budget is around 200 million a year, it only VERY recently stopped operating at a loss. Upkeep on all the art work etc is expensive.

    I'm sorry your expereince with the Catholic Church has been so negative, it's NOT the norm.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]


    SOMEONE asked why does not GOD wake up----how about the members wake up an smell the coffee boiling over and stand up and walk out the KH door never to come back in again..JUST A THOUGHT and not pass the buck to GOD to right things !!!

  • Yadira Angelini
    Yadira Angelini

    It took a while for me to get back to this thread.. I apologized...

    When I posted this thread, my intentions were to ask the ones who have information about the JWs if there was a problem in each cong... about less people showing up; about their financial problems as I have read on some posts that it is happening... and I thought it will be good for them to confirm that yes! less people are showing up and that yes! they may have been having financial problems...

    Never my intentions were to compare to the Catholic Church about money.

    But if that is the case on this thread, I will have my saying too.

    I have six children on a parochial school... now they are married except one.. in other words, they are grown up now. I have 15 grandchildren baptized, first communions and so forth...on none of this functions have I ever been charge a cent.

    I used to pay $65 a month for all six of them in the Parochial School... less than half of what other churches from other denominations were charging... I sent my two older to a Catholic High School (one of them is bluesapphire)... and at one point I was behind the payments and the Principal told me to forget it, to keep on paying and they erased the $s that I owed them.

    I have belonged to an organization on the church that visit the sick, the elder homes, take food to the needy families; organized chain food to the sick, (take a whole dinner each night for two months, one family in charge each night) just to give some comfort and solidarity.. one time, there was this WEALTHY family with the mother dying from cancer.. we knew they didn't need for us to do a chain food: we did it out of love and concern, so they could stay at her bedside more time and didn't have to worry for cooking dinners... WHEN WE FIND A NEED WE NEVER ASKED IF THEY WERE CATHOLICS OR WAS OUR INTENTION TO PROLIFERATE OR INVOLVE THEM TO COME TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. The nursery homes we visited have a population of mostly Protestants; we didn't even care to ask what their religion was. Never the less, we would give them our undivided attention and feed them... some were so old that even if we would it want them to convert, they couldn't even hear us.... I can go on and on.. I have NOT pay a cent for any of the weddings or baptisms or nothing! I have contributed WHENEVER out of my love and because Scriptures say so.

    Love to all,


  • bluesapphire

    MacH thanks for the correction. We wouldn't want to offend Legal!

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