$300 deficit in the KH of Rowland Heights, CA

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    plmkrzy: We must be neighbors. It's okay if dungy doesn't want to hang out with us. Email me and we'll hook it up [email protected]

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    Are you referring to the post by plm wherein plm refers to a post by me, wherein I am responding to a post by plm:



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    I'm wondering WHY, if they couldn't meet their own expenses, they were sending money to the WBTS?

    Because some dubbie stuck the money in the wrong box.

    When I was a rising star, I used to help collect the money from the contribution boexes after the meetings. most congregations have at LEAST 4 seperate collection boxes:

    1) Worldwide work -- aka "extortion for literature" ; Goes straight to Brooklyn

    2) Society's Kingdom Hall Building Fund -- best scam of them all, goes to a seperate account in Brooklyn and then loaned back WITH INTEREST to the locals to build Kingdom Halls.

    3) Local Fund -- pays the local recurring expenses (lights, heat, phone, etc.)

    4) Local Building Fund -- local money for remodeling and large scale improvements, or for use as downpayment for new Kingdom Hall.

    So, there are at least 4 boxes, but the Worldwide work one is usually replicated in several strategic location. With so many boxes, why bother passing around a plate?


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    I wasn't referring to your post which I never saw. I was referring to plm's comment that you didn't want to 'hang with her.

    I would LOVE to get together! Let's do it. When?

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    1) The Catholic Church doesn't claim to not ask for donations and it doesn't bash any other Church for doing something it itself does.

    2) I've never been asked to "pay" for a baptism, marriage, confirmation, etc. I remember when I got married the first time I tried to give the pastor a $100 bill. He refused and said to put it into the contribution box. When was the last time a CO did that????

    3) Recently I filed to annul my first marriage. I was told that the cost to do this was $300. (These are costs of having to pay staff who works in the tribunal.) I didn't have the money at the time. They never charged me. They just said it was a donation if I could "afford" it. I got my annullment for $0.

    All of these things considered, when a priest stands up in front of a Church on Sunday morning and we all know we want a beautiful new building and so he asks for donations, well we all know that "God" isn't looking at us and forcing us. We donate what we can and there's not this pretense of "Anyone want to make a motion to donate X amount per publisher bla bla bla...."

    I think these are pretty huge differences, don't you?

  • Imbue

    Yours is an unusual Catholic Church. I wasn't treated the same way as you are being treated. But, I also wasn't someone returning from the JWs. Usually the Catholic Church charges for all the things I stated and My family has been charged for these things.

    When My grandparents didn't have the money to bury their 4 yr. old son that died from the German Measles. Their Catholic Church wouldn't help them. Then the Priest told my Grandfather his son died because of his sins. That's the Church I know. Right now you are their returning glory. You are being treated differently. Just as the JWs treat new converts with extra care.

    And if you realize that things cost money why are you picking on the measly $300.00 of this one congregation? The WT isn't doing anything including shunning and manipulation that the Catholic Church hasn't done since their beginning. They only wish they still had the same power over their people that they once had.

    Hey, I'm a double apostate......

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Yerusalyim


    You said,

    In all fairness do you think you could get away without making a contribution in the Catholic church and use the facilities. You would not be able to do it with that church. You are charged for everything Baptism, Weddings, instruction for children, intruction for adults, counseling, absolutely everything .Then you are sent envelopes and sometimes told what to contribute.
    Ok, tell me where this happens. I had all my kids baptized and wasn't charged a dime. I had a wedding at the Church, I wasn't charged a dime. I had my reception at the church, I wasn't charged a dime. I had my kids in Church instruction and was given a suggested amount to pay for the books, but was told it was voluntary I paid the $5.00 per kid and then saw the price they paid for the book was more like $10.00. There is never a charge for counseling by the priests. If you go to the Chancery for counseling they might charge, but that's normal they have to pay those folks a living salary. I've been sent envelopes but NEVER been told what to donate. They give a guide showing what 2% 5% and 7% of some monthly salaries would be, but TOLD to donate that, no. So again, Back up what you said. Bingo?/ Most of the bingo players aren't Catholic.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • Imbue

    Well, I was baptized as a JW for free I was married as a JW for free I received individual instruction for free. No one ever asked me for a donation and as Francois pointed out in 20 yrs he never gave a dime. If you want the Catholic Chuch to pray for you they charge you...ever heard of prayer cards.

    And like I said, in my family experience the Catholic Church has required fees for all those things. And I think your wrong it's mostly Catholics that play bingo at their church. Well, who gets the money from the Bingo but the Catholic Church of course. I've know some people to complain that they couldn't get those services from there local parish because they didn't pay to join. Now are you saying the Catholic Church has no interst in money?

    I find it hard to believe that you both were not charged for the use of the Church for your wedding. Since it is the custom in my area for the Churches to charge fees.

    And how do you pass up those baskets every time without embarrassment?

    Hey,I'm not for any religion. However, you will be judged as you judge others. I'm also for telling the hole truth about all religion not just the WT. The Catholc Church is far from clean.

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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    Dung & Blue I just came back and finished reading the thread. I'm slow.
    I e-mailed yas.


  • bluesapphire

    Imbue: First of all when I was married the first time was 8 years before I ever met the JWs. When I baptized my first child I still hadn't met the JWs. So there goes that theory of yours out the window.

    Second of all, most people at my church don't know I ever was a JW.

    I rarely put money in the basket because I never have any money on me when I go to Mass. I don't even take my purse. And no it's not embarassing. Many people don't put money in. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

    And you didn't address the fact that the Catholic Church doesn't deny that it asks for money. And it doesn't bash other churches for asking for money either. The fact is that no church could function without money. The issue here is that the JWs B.R.A.G. -- yes they shout from the rooftops -- that they don't pass out a collection plate and BIG WHOOPDY DO! There's not a thing wrong with passing a collection plate.

    And since they brag about this, it's only natural to focus on them and criticise them for the PRESSURE they put on people to GIVE GIVE GIVE. If they never had bragged, it wouldn't be an issue would it?

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