The Annual ``Don't Misbehave'' at Asemblies'' KM

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  • NameWithheld

    Wonder when they'll have to add...

    "Brothers and Sisters, it would not be loving of us to masturbate at the convention during the program. It may be distracting to others."

    Perhaps someone would have to give them 'reason' to add that rule?

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Englishman, that was so hilarious!
    Amongst my many complaints to the elders as to why I wasn't going to meetings was the attitude in these articles when they say something like,' watch your kids and purses because not everyone there is a JW'I said 'you know as well as I do that there are JW paedophiles and theives'No sensible reply.
    I haven't seen the latest KM. Scan anyone please?
    Last year my xfriend's tenage son got so legless on the Saturday night he couldn't get to the convention till lunchtime and was still ill. A fine witness! Just normal really IMO.

  • Xander

    I guess the appropriate warning should be:

    "Watch your purses, because many attending are not JWs. Watch your kids VERY CLOSELY, because MOST attending ARE JWs, and we all know what percentage are pedophiles..."

    Xander F
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Ohio order)

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    --George Santayana

  • JeffT

    The last convention we went to (1988), we went with a view to taking a dispassionate look at what was really happening. We were at the Tacoma Dome, which has an outer concourse surrounding the main part of the building.

    That concourse looked like a singles convention, even during the sessions. It was FULL of teenagers wondering around and checking each other out.

    Of course the program was about as exciting as watching cement dry.

  • LDH

    LOL you guys make fun of it now, but you know you were waiting with baited breath for that Thursday night part where the hotel names and phone numbers were released!

    LOL! Remember how everyone ran back to get the phone # of their favorite hotel and WHOOSH the hall was empty QUICK so they could all run home and hit redial until they got through. LOL! Lordy with the cell phones you know people are calling FROM THE KH, LMAO wait until the KM says "Don't call until you get home to give everyone a fair chance!" [8>]

    Our cong. was so smug about the whole damn thing because our meetings were on a TUESDAY night--the whole rest of the circuit men on THURSDAY night --which meant we had a two night jump on the rest of the circuit.

    Yes, it's no wonder we booked the best hotels right off the bat.

    PS--What's the financial incentive for the Society to make ANY group arrangements for the attendees??? Do you remember the HARSH instructions NOT to stay at ANY hotel not found on the list??? I bet you ANYTHING they are getting kickbacks in some from from the Hotels.

    A travel Agent will frequently book a 'special cruise'--and get 50 people to pay under their name. Their incentive? Free travel for themselves.

    Really makes you wonder what the WBTS is getting out of all the hassle each district puts into finding hotels for the measly rank and file, no?


  • zanex

    heh heh heh...damn this thread is funny...had me laughin pretty hard! I member them walks and the frying in that seat listening to that constant mind numbing drivel that POURED from the stage. I all of a sudden member drooling everytime that music started playin tho...pavlovs dogs never quite thought about it that way..LOL

  • NameWithheld

    There is absolutely no doubt that the conventions are one of the best JW money-raisers. Yes, they get kickbacks from the hotels. Yes they 'use' their power to make cites and hotels give them cheap to free facilities. Notice how the 'special' rates weren't that special. And we've seen several cases of the WTBTS using city taxpayer $$$s to fund the facility. So the WTBTS swooops in, (probably) gets free room-n-board for the big-wigs, gets cheap/free rent, and then gives the rank and file the annual "Oh the convention is SOOOO behind on it's finances" round about Sunday morning. Leaving plenty of time for the JWs to dig deep and drop in the boxes - which are SOOOO conviently placed in EVERY place you walk - often to the point you're tripping over them constantly.

    This doesn't take into account the parking $$$s they collect, not too sure they do that after Tacoma or not. Also rumored is that there are ATMs in some of the newer JW convention halls.

    <sarcasm>Oh no, they don't care about the money </sarcasm>

  • peaceloveharmony

    this just goes to show that when you purposely train (aka: brainwashing ;) ) your followers to leave their brains at the door, you must then treat them as two year olds.
    stove HOT! don't touch billy

  • Elsewhere

    [Touches hot oven] Ouch! That hurts!
    [Touches hot oven again] Ouch! That hurts!
    [Touches hot oven again] Ouch! That hurts!
    [Touches hot oven again] Ouch! That hurts!
    [Touches hot oven again] Ouch! That hurts!

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  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    DB and Room 215 - re: tipping
    My youngest works at an espresso stand, the drive up kind with only one person working two windows. The Dubs drive through with a whole car load (out in service of course) and order several drinks, usually the hardest ones to make, espresso milkshakes, and then offer her the magazines, leave no tip, and barely a thank you. I'm sure there are exceptions, but you don't hear about those often.

    Mrs R

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