The Annual ``Don't Misbehave'' at Asemblies'' KM

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Greetings from the ``Here We Go Again'' Department

    While worldlings have only the song of the robins and the bloom of the daffodils and crocuses as harbingers of Spring, Jehovah's people and readers of their literature can always count on two more: The annual ``Don't Partake!'' article in the Watchtower, and the yearly exhortation to ``Make Nice at The Summer's Assemblies'' in the KM.
    In the case of the latter, the tone and content of the annual scolding is unbelievably demeaning to any responsible adult... being told to dress nice (suits and ties only, please, for the men and deresses only -- not too short ladies) not to abuse complimentary breakfasts, pool privileges and generally avoid rowdiness at the hotels where they stay-- all laced with clearly fabricated -- not to mention unattributed-- quotes from ``worldly observers amazed by our fine conduct.''

    The tenor of these annual talk-down-to-the-lowest-common-denominator epistles more closely resembles the remarks a stern teacher might make to a classroom of rambunctuous adolescents on the eve of the annual school trip than reminders to a body of mature Christians uniquely entrusted with the job of saving the lives of those ``signing and groaning.''

    What seeps through to the discerning reader is how little the Brooklyn (or is it Patterson) thinks of the average level of maturity and responsibility-- that isn't said speaks for eloquently than what it said about just how fraudulent is the idealized WT self-image of a worldwide association of mature, disciplined ministers who selflessly love each other.

    The organization our Mother? She sounds more like a Headmistress/Truant Office here!

  • Angst

    Well when you consider the average IQ of the witnesses you have to take into account that a large majority of the kids homeschooled and couldn't even hack that. So it is necessary to talk down to the lowest common denominator in order to reach the idiots.

    I think homeschooling should be banned unless you are physically or mentally unable to attend a school. Homeschooling=Idiocy!

  • TR

    Rediculous, isn't it. Unfortunately some people are so thick headed that they do need reminders, even of simple things like BEHAVE.

    You know, I think if there were no reminders from the borg at all, the trip to the assemblies might be more fun. Because, quite possibly, we might have forgotten why we were going, and miss the program altogether!


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • DB

    Yes, I just read over the insert. What is evident too is that these reminders are actually merited by the poor behavior of many jws at assemblies and hotels. If they knew how to behave and keep an eye on the kids, such reminders would hardly be necessary.

    This does go to show too that jws are hardly different from the rest of society. Among any large group, there will ne those who misbehave, etc. The jws, perhaps as a group, with many individuals included, do for the most part behave well at these functions, but there are those 'bad apples'.

    One reminder that always amazed me is the one about tipping, though I am not sure if it appears in this year's KM. It takes a person with the common sense of a baboon to withhold a tip or give a meager one and then think they are doing the wait person a favor by leaving a tract....come to think of it, I may have just insulted the baboon community.

  • ChuckD

    Is there any chance of someone scanning in and posting this?



  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Re JW tipping...

    Hey DB, I've known JWs who leave their literature in lieu of cash as a tip.... now isn't that endearing?

  • metatron

    read my post about 'Society Tests Witness Stupidity'
    on this very topic.


  • bboyneko

    Another fine summer is upon us . Now is the time to begin preparing for the upcoming 'Super duper brotherly love and glorifying Jehovah's name and Organization on earth District cionvention 2002.'

    Last year there were many good experiences reported. In one hotel in Montana, the Hotel manager remarked, "Never in all my 2 hours of working here have I seen people so happy to get to the hotel after a day at their convention. The money spent on porn channels alone wa..'

    errr...disregard that brothers. In addition to good remarks and experiences however, was some negative ones. Do we really want to reflect negatively on Jehovah's name? (Somescriptureyouwon'tlookup 23:14) At times like this when we are in the public eye is when attention to how we conduct ourselves most important. We must put on the spiritual personality and show christ-like love.

    One Hotel Manqager wrote in: 'Boy oh boy where them jay dubbyas rowdy. They peed in the pool, got so drunk they was thinkin they were ricky martin and started dancin like crazed monkeies. Them kids was runnin 'round boinking like rabbits in the rooms and closets and all the pillows, blankets, beds, furniture, hell even some sections of wall were missing upon their leavin"

    A momentary lapse in spiritual thinking can lead to disaster. So behave yourselves this year...or else.

  • mouthy

    bboyneko..I really dont believe that any JW were accused by the Manager of a Hotel-in the things you wrote.I truly believe when we post lies about them it hurts those "seeking" the truth. Because as a JW for so long- I can tell you of wonderful things some of them did do- like any religion-they have good folks & bad. I do believe some do rotton things because they really werent convinced they had the "TROOF"so rebelled.I am free from the Borg now- but I have loved ones in it & I know they lead good clean lives- they dont relize they are under mind control. So lets not paint them all as evil. Please My kids are there.

  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    Hi, Mouthy.

    Please re-read bboy's post and read it carefully.
    You will see the point he was trying to make.

    PS...It's nice to see you!

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