upstate New York

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  • RevMalk

    I was in the Saratoga Springs Congregation, grew up with the Pratt kids

    There was a rumur at the time Rosemary left that she used to be in the NYC Ballet, and that she left to rejoin, which seemed odd to me, but who knows.

    You know anything about that? You know how these things spread around

  • els

    That's a new one on me. But you miss alot being inactive for 16 years or so. Where are you now? I'm in Fort Ann, east of Glen's Falls. Only about 10 miles from where I grew up. els

  • RevMalk

    Well, for personal reasons I can't really say where I am, but I've spent some time in the New York City, Orange County, Washington State, Maine, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and some other places as well.

    I'm not afraid of the organization, that's not why I can't tell, it's a personal thing, and NO I am not wanted......not in most states anyway, haha.

  • RevMalk
  • FlipThis

    wow; I was killing threads five years ago too....

  • Sunspot

    It was fun reading this old thread all over again! I had completely forgotten about it. I am still in the same place, older and wiser, haha!

    I am glad this was brought back up so that new ones who weren't here back then could add what they would like to.



  • FlipThis


    I did something right.

    (I'm RevMalk in this thread, by the way)

    and I'm In Oneonta, NY (That's next to Cooperstown since no-one will have ever heard of it)

  • BFD

    Flip this, not only have I heard of Oneonta, I live there!


  • Sunnygal41

    mom born and raised in Ticonderoga, and we lived there a number of heart is still there..............

  • FlipThis

    BFD, that's so cool.

    Did you go to the Oneonta Cong.?

    I did when I was like 6-9, grew up mostly in Saratoga

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